V2 Ultralight Hammock (6 Colors)

Does this hammock require the straps for going around trees? There is no mention of them being present other than the “Ready to use right out of the box”, which suggests yes. But I am not willing to rely on that. Thanks,

I previously bought one of the mosquito net ones and it does NOT come with a mounting method for trees. I did buy webbing that I used for that though pretty cheaply.

Yes, you will need a suspension system (set of hammock tree straps) to use this hammock on a pair of trees. Thanks!

Is the camo version of this really rated for 500 lbs? What is it about the color that makes it support 200 more pounds???

Great question! The Camo is a completely different material. While all the others are a ripstop nylon, which is still great, the camo uses a military grade tight-weave nylon that tested out to 500 lbs. Both materials make great hammocks, it just depends on your needs.


If the hammocks are ready to use right out of the box, yet have no tree straps, just how are they to be used?

These are awesome! I need some more. Anyway to add a Woot Watch for when these come back?