V7 5.6-inch Digital Photo Frame



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V7 5.6" Digital Photo Frame
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 V7 5.6" Digital Photo Frame VPF560QE
  • 1 FedEx Next Day Shipping

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400×240 Resolution is not really pretty


it’s friday peeps… the weekend is here… i hope everyone’s got their shopping done… this one surely wont’ get there in time… oooooh… or will you?.. nice… anyways here’s the useful linkage… digital photo frames for valentine’s day would be nice.


Nice on the shipping, if you need a last minute gift.


ooh! FedEx Next day! might have to spring for one.


Does anybody have this frame?


W00T! Why on earth would I want to frame the already crappy pictures I take?



Bet half these orders won’t make it ontime


Is this ‘ok’ for the small size frame though?


pretty good price! i got a similar one last year for 3 times the price.


Thinking this one over…


My bad…i should try reading.


$47.99 AT buy.com free shipping


According to Froogle, Buy.com has these for $47.99, but not with Next day shipping…So, if you factor that in, it’s a tad cheaper.


this thing any good?


The only thing making this a worthwhile price is the shipping. The frame itself is available for a few bucks less elsewhere - but with regular shipping.


really guys im still waiting for my monkey. 5.6 inch is a tiny sixe for a frame…maybe good for a desk, or beside your phone, maybe grandma would like one too

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMmCPn5vFG8 defective monkey thot you all might like this. turn your speakers down a bit.


no deal.

this is the price of last xmas…


How is $80 less than $50?


read again, its stated in English 1 DAY FED EX SHIPPING, hope that clears out everything for you.