Vacation Where?

Daughter and I want to go someplace warm and sunny in late Jan. or Feb.
She cannot find her passport, so that limits us to the U.S. or Puerto Rico.
Or maybe she can get a new passport soon.
We’ve both been to Mexico, I don’t like the Bahamas, Hawaii is too long a flight.

Where should we go?


St. Pete, Florida

And of course, Vegas.

Vegas isn’t always warm in the winter, plus I didn’t say I’ve already done it to death, my bad.
We’ve done New Orleans, too.

Maybe St Pete…

Warm is such a subjective term. I live in So Florida, and our winter temps are usually in the low-mid 70’s. Key West is generally 5-10 degrees warmer than Miami and Orlando & St Pete areas are generally 5-10 degrees colder than Miami.

If she finds or gets her passport - Costa Rica!

What about Southern Ohio?

All the warmth of Kentucky but you don’t have to leave the country.

Ya know, I actually thought about Costa Rica. I was there once for a day (on a cruise) and it was beautiful.
I’ve even thought of selling my house and everything and moving there.

Lots of folks have.

My mom lives there, and I have vacationed there. Lot’s of fun!!!

Heh - my mom did exactly that. Now she owns an tourist advertiesement magaizne there. LOVES IT!!

Daughter has done nothing about her passport, so it will probably be just Florida.
But on the Gulf side, and pretty far south so it will be warm.
Anyone have any experiences/suggestions to share?

I’ve only been to FL once, so I can’t help you.

That’s once more than me!

Well, we used to take the kids to Orlando all the time, so we don’t wanna go there.
We took the kids to Marco Island when they were teenagers and it was nice, but we don’t want to do it again.
I wish Daughter would do something about her passport so we could go someplace cool, like Barbados or Aruba or something.

I have only been to Key West, about 12 years ago. It was quite a lot of fun, but we were there for a wedding too.

How about the Texas coast? Padre Island?

Leave her at home?

Edit: My real vote is for Padre Island.

Well, I’ve been to TX, but never there. I never thought of that, and a long as it isn’t during Spring Break (shudder) it might be fun.
Plus maybe we could stop off in Austin and visit my brother…

LOL, no.
The purpose of the trip is for Daughter and I to have fun.
Plus, otherwise I would go alone…

College spring breaks shouldn’t start until March (I believe ours is the 3rd week of March). If you go the end of Jan/Feb like you say in the first post you should be fine.