vacuum/brand/cannister or upright/like or not


I have a miele cannister. Reasonably happy with it.


We have an Oreck upright . . . good for light/medium-duty vacuuming . . .


I want more input, please.


I’ve seen commercials on TV about those Dyson vacs…anyone know anything about those?
And my cleaning service uses Orecks, just FYI


Sam’s has them and I’ve been looking at them.


What kind of input? You have a Miele and are reasonably happy; we have an Oreck which is good for light/medium-duty vacuuming . . .

Aside from that, it’s light and easy to carry up/down stairs. We have mostly hardwood floors downstairs with area rugs - it does a good job on the dust bunnies and dog hair . . . it’s okay on the carpets upstairs, but not quite heavy enough for serious vacuuming . . .


Dirt Devil bagless here. I don’t know which model it is. I love not having bags. And it does a good job on all the carpets. Not great on solid surfaces, however.


My Roomba has been somewhat of a disappointment, although it is probably my own fault. I need to clean my floors really well, and then just run it every day to keep the floors clean. I just keep forgetting to charge it, maybe I’ll remember next time after my cleaning service is here.


Does that make you a bagless lady??


LMAO, Gman…
You still crack me up!!!


I guess it does. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that’s better than a bag lady. At least I’m choosing to believe it is! :smiley:


Do you have a shopping cart??


As a matter of fact, there is a small orange shopping cart in the backyard! :expressionless:


Don’t you have someplace in the neighborhood you can leave it? We sort of have a corner where people put the shopping carts and the supermarket picks them up with a truck every once in awhile.
It must be the same person who brings the cart home all the time.




haha. It’s one of the tyco ones for the kids. My 2 year old niece plays with it when she visits.


Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!! <wink wink>


Actually (snicker), I mean input from more people, not more input from you. Poor phrasing.