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So, was there only one of these? Look at the stats…

Looks like you’re talking about the low floor kit. Same first and last wooter on a sold out item.

And maybe only two each of the DC39 and DC25. They both sold out in the first hour-two states each. :frowning:

Sorry. We were probably moving through remaining stock from previous sales. Keep watching though. They’re a regular visitor.

Is the dustbuster only able to be charged on a tabletop? I’ve seen models with a wall mount/charger combo which works great for closet storage. Table top charging/docking isn’t quite as convenient unfortunately.

I looked through the Instruction Manual linked in the features. It doesn’t have instructions to wall mount. Looks like it’s flat surface charging only.

I think the item is meant to be for advertisement so people will visit this site.

Black & Decker CHV1410L 14.4V Lithium Ion DustBuster

I just bought the DustBuster from a previous woot sale and I love it! It rests on its cradle (a circle and I haven’t measured the diameter) and wouldn’t be able to be wall mounted. It uses magnets to hold in place so on the round base you can put it back quickly and easily.

I’ve used it to pick up pet hair and small bits of plant matter that my dogs have tracked into the house. It works great and so far I am extremely impressed with it.

I received this item yesterday, and it looks like somebody already have a good run with it. After connecting the long tube and turn it on, the carpet brush would not turn.

After some looking around, we found one of the power connector is not there: (photo).

Calling Dyson now to see if they can send something for replacement.