Vacuums and Floor Cleaners

Anyone use this? I need something to clean carpeted stairs. The Dyson Animal I have (bought from Woot) is GREAT but too difficult to use on stairs. Did I mention I am really klutzy?

Amazon reviews give it 3.8 out of 5. I was thinking of getting one as well. I hate pulling out the big vacuum for little things.

It might be a good. I been needing a cordless one for a while. I really hope it works good. I need it for for my car!

The 5 stars out weight the 1 stars. So maybe that’s a good sign?

i wanted the dc24 and it sold out :frowning: dc41 it is.

How long before the water needs to be refilled?

I purchased a Dyson DC23 refurb from Woot last year and it quit working 2 months after the 6 month warranty expired. Anyone else have better luck?

Umm, What Water? The thing that doesn’t impress me the most is the rare red brushes on foot… It just doesn’t seem that there are enough to do much good, then again, less brushes to clean hair out of. IDK.

A car?? Use the leaf blower in your car, and blow everything out, rather than waste time vacuuming, and sucking stuff out.

I got the DC24 in April 2012 and it’s still going strong. I make sure to clean all filters and wash them as per the manual.

I bought two of these. One works like a charm; the other will not hold a charge. The vac that works is particularly good on wood floor stairs and easy to move around.