Vacuums and Their Robot Pals

So the vacuum you show in the main promo photo isn’t even a model that you’re selling? Misleading.

i was disappointed by that too! dysons are great and all but i don’t have hundreds of dollars to drop on something to clean my floors right now. oh well, maybe next time…

Anyone know how the “factory reconditioned” (probably refurbished) Dysons hold up compared to their new counterparts?

I have bought both of my Dyson balls refurbIshed. No problems at all. Going on over 10 years with my first one and still runs like new. Loved it so much bought a 2nd one for upstairs.

Is the SKU 58502 that new dance the kids are doing these days?

I purchased the DC41 a couple of weeks ago when they were on here. When the vacuum arrived it appeared to be brand new expect for the container wasn’t crystal clear. All the filters were new and the vacuum sucks pretty well.

I bought a refurbished Dyson from Woot. It does vacuum very good. The only complaint I have about it is the button to turn the spinning bristles on/off sometimes does not work which is really only a problem when we’re vacuuming our rugs instead of hardwoods. This could be what was refurbished and broke again. All that being said, I would probably buy another one if I needed to. I’ve bought many refurbished items through Woot and I’ve only had to return one item that still didn’t work right, which Woot took back without any issues.

I ordered the Roomba 585 last time it was on Woot, and it works amazing. I love how it gets under the bed, tables, chairs, and my couch. I am determined to get a Roomba army to clean my house. Ordered one more today to start the army. Waiting for the Scooba next time.

So weird you would mention this.

I bought my Mom a dyson DC24 refurb here about 4 years ago. She loved it and used it a lot. Then she told me that it broke - the motor to the bristles must have gone. So I got on Woot! again and got her another refurb. I was putting the ‘new’ one together for her when she got out the old one. I fiddled with it and it works just fine. Now we have two.

I just figured she was having another ‘senior’ moment.

I keep wanting to buy one of these, can someone explain how the stair cleaning wand works?
None of the pictures ever show a flexible hose like I think you would need to use the wand. Am I missing something? I have always had a canister type vacuum…

Which one are you looking at?

DC24 I think, only the DC07 mentions a hose.

very tempted to pull the trigger on the 585 as my 535’s motor just died last month, I’m leaning towards getting the 655 from costco for $319 (sale price) because I read the 655 head cleaning assembly is the newer version thus allows less hair stuck at the brush ends, also the 655 battery is Xlife (twice longer) than the 500 series and the 655 comes with extra brushes.

It vacuums well, and aside from an important switch that doesn’t work, you’d buy another one??

I saw the one at Costco as well, and it didn’t seem that much better. My 585 vacuums for an hour before returning to the base, and is ready in 3 hours to vacuum again. The newer longer lasting battery can always be put in the 585. The hair is really easy to clean from the brush head with the tools provided (2 minutes). The only complaint I have read about all of these Roombas is the battery life.

How long have you had your refurb 585 ? In my experience when it comes to refurb merchandise it’s a coin flip, the warranty on these refurb 585s is the same as a brand new one so that’s a plus but most credit cards won’t honor extended warranty if it’s a refurb item.

The only diffs that I’m aware of between the 655 and 585 (from reading on the net) is the 655 has on board scheduling, not a a big deal to me, and the extra brush set (about $15 worth), the price diff between a regular battery and an XLife is only $10 per iRobot website.

Get the 585 over the 560 the aeroVac dust bin is so much better. I upgraded mine and it’s much more powerful.

To Woot staff:

Is the warranty on the roomba 585 really 1 year ? or is it a misprint because iRobot themselves only offer 90-day on refurb units on their website.

According to Woot Staff the warranty is posted correctly. The Roomba 585 is offered with 1 Year IRobot Warranty from i Robot Vacuum and
6 month IRobot warranty for the battery

Thanks for the inquiry!