Vacuums Galore 2: Vac Harder



In before the suck jokes. Owners, speak up!


I picked up a DC35 Digital Slim from a previous Woot, and it works great for those smaller jobs around where you don’t want to haul out the big vac. Mine gets a lot of use sucking up stray litter that cats track out of the litter box.

The battery could be better - you get about 15 minutes on low speed and about 6 on high speed. You won’t be vacuuming the whole house on a single charge, but you could theoretically do a whole room before needing to recharge it.

Having cats and carpets means that when I use the DC35 on the carpets, it sucks up a lot of cat hair, which can clog the roller, so you do need to clean off the roller fairly frequently. I’ve had instances where the roller just flat stopped rolling. I’m not entirely sure if this is an electrical issue with the vac, or it’s from the roller getting clogged with crap.

I’ve also had an instance after vacuuming up cardboard shavings from the cats’ cardboard scratching pad that the cardboard shavings clogged the outflow nozzle from the roller head, so I had to get in with a screwdriver to pry out the cake of cardboard shreds.

Also, despite it’s fairly small size, it doesn’t work terribly well for a car vac. It’s very awkward to maneuver inside a car, and physically can’t get to a lot of areas. If you get the flexible hose tool that Dyson sells it might make it a little more practical for car use.


Oh hey, tools.


Was looking at LG Petcare Canister Vac. Then, I checked reviews on Amazon; where it has an overall 4 star review. However, read all of the 1 star reviews – apparently it may work great for a short time, and then it stops, and then LG has terrible customer service. So, skipping this one.

The ridiculous Pink & Purple Dyson that I got from Woot! years ago has actually worked really well, but it needs to be serviced. My complaint with it is that hair gets wrapped all up around the beater bar, and I just hate to have to take apart and clean a vacuum. The vacuum is supposed to be for cleaning - not for being cleaned.

Got a Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum for $50 at Amazon, and it seems to be okay except for too short cord and tiny dust bin - and hair got up into a part above the dust bin and was not easy to remove.

I just need to get my Dyson serviced, I guess.


I think those tools only work on Dyson’s upright and canister vacs. I don’t think they’ll work on Dyson’s handheld models.


I own the Bissell and you get what you pay for. It’s a decent vacuum that works well enough in a house full of pets. The turbo brush ends up not being particularly useful because it gets stuck easily. The vacuum seems to build up static and attract a lot of dust, which makes it look a little nasty. But overall the bagless system is relatively easy to clean, the dust stays inside and doesn’t get blown out the other end.

I bought it on sale for like a $100 and I’d definitely buy it again at the price here.


My wife and I bought the Dyson handheld DC34 (the yellow one) about 2 years back and we love it, its perfect for cleaning out the car. It has a very strong vacuum and the tools are perfect for cleaning leaf bits stuck in the carpet and the little threshold between the door jamb and the seats. Plenty of battery (in standard mode) to clean a mid size sedan.


I have the LG to replace my Dyson DC14 and I love it, I have 3 dogs and hard floors and the Dyson would blow the hair away before I could get to it and the can would clog up with toy fuzz and hair and there would be a huge dust ball when I dumped it. The LG has a paddle that scrapes the side of the can back and forth making a nice hard cake that packs all the fur and fuzz in with the dirt so it just pops out into the trash with no mess. Its low setting sounds like it isn’t working because it is so quiet but it makes it so that you almost don’t need the high setting and if someone is asleep or watching tv you can clean without disturbing them.


My wife has the Dyson that sold out that we bought new for close to $500 and she LOVES it. I’m not positive, but I think she’s seeing it on the side.

Anyway, welcome to Vacuum.Woot!


I have the DC35 + the upholstery tool. It’s a lot of dough for a cordless. But it does pick up junk. We have all hardwood floors, 2 cats, and I cook all the time. Plus I get drunk in front of the TV and spill crap. The cleaning lady only comes every 2 weeks. So the rest of he time I use this to keep the kitchen/ dining room/ living room tidy.
The floor brush has a really small opening. The other day I had to step on a cashew before it would suck it up.
The battery life has never been an issue. I run it on MAX for about 5 minutes at most. Usually less than that. It’s best feature is how easy it is to pull out and snag a hair bunny, or a spill of Sesame seeds, breadcrumbs,etc. Kind of a post-dinner post-mortem.
I wouldn’t expect it to replace a corded vac unless you live in a one-room flat.


I got a dc35 on a previous woot and love it! The charge is long enough for most jobs and I wasable get an off brand back up battery for $35 for the rare cleaning fit. I do have to occasionally clean the beater bar but seeing as we have 4 cats and a dog that isn’t really surprising and it is super easy to dosince it comes out. I actually just purchased one for my dad seeing as he some how lost tier other vac in my parents fairly clutterless house. This one is better anyway.


Bought my wife one of these to have a handheld vac and this model is just awesome! Works great with the small attachments and with the arm for cleaning up those smaller messe that you don’t want to kill your knees bending down to get at. I use it to vacuum out the car when I’m cleaning and couldn’t be happier. Dyson surely makes a great machine.


I have had 2 Bissel Lift-Off Vacs very similar to this one. It is a very good vacuum for the money. The dust cup doesn’t stay particularly clean, but it’s holding dirt! How clean do you expect it to be?

Our first one saw some pretty heavy use in our carpeted homes. The motor gave out after about 8 years, and we just couldn’t justify the expense of a Dyson in our current house full of hardwoods.

The previous comment about the mini brush was right. It tends to clog since it runs on the vacuum’s airflow through the mini brush. Cool idea, but it doesn’t quite work.

Still pleased with the Bissel and I will buy one again if we need one again.


I got the LG Vacuum the last time it was on Woot and I love it. We also have the Dyson DC24 (also from Woot), and the LG completely blows it away. The LG is quiet, picks up more crud, is easier to use and a lot easier to dump the crud cup.


I have the LG, and had a dyson. The LG picks up as well as the dyson, but makes a lot less noise and the compression of the dust makes it easier to dump out. I have no complaints so far.



It looks like you should title the LG as the LG Petcare PLUS, there is a Petcare Model LcV800R(retail $299) and Petcare Plus model LcV900B ($399), comparing model numbers and pictures you’re selling the plus.

Also the Petcare Plus gets higher reviews.


Hmmmm, I’ll pass that on to the buyer. Thanks for pointing that out!


Arrived broken. Would not turn on after battery was charged.


Sorry for the problem with the vacuum. Have you contacted They’ll help you out.