Vacuums Galore

The original post made the suck joke, so I don’t have to but - now we’ve got all kinds of vacs here. Dyson AND Roomba…and Electrolux, plus LG. How’s a person to choose?

Please make your best vacuum.woot joke below. :wink:

2 brushes? Really?

No Dyson Animal? WEAK!

no dc35 multifloor ?

whats the difference between the dc24 and the dc25 ?

Gotta tell ya - I have this Vacuum - and its great if u have wall to wall carpets - area rugs get sucked u into it and it makes a horrible noise - im told thats a feature so you stop and don’t hurt the machine - but it’s so loud and harsh it makes me not use mine. Works well upstairs where i have wall to wall.

Suction Power: 220 Airwatts (constant)
Filter: Lifetime Washable HEPA Filter
Brushbar Control Type: Fingertip Brush Control
Bin Capacity: 0.31 Gallons
Cord Length: 24.6 feet
Max Reach: 40.3 feet
Dimensions: 42.4"(H) x 15.4"(W) x12.2"(D)
Weight: 16.12 pounds

Patented cyclone technology
Root Cyclone™ technology
Suction power: 115 AW
Movement type: Ball™ technology
Filter: Washable HEPA filter
Cleaner head: Motorized brush bar
Stair cleaning: Reversible wand
Bin capacity: 0.19 gallons
Dimensions: 29.6 x 11 x 13.7 inches (H x W x D)
Maximum reach: 28.72 ft
Cord length: 20 ft
Weight 11.65 lbs

Note nearly twice the suction power on the DC25

How does the dc24 do on hardwood floors? Should I just hold out for a dc25? Or dc 35 multifloor?

I bought the LG last week when it was on Woot Home and so far, it is AMAZING. Super power, good on barewood and carpeting. What it was able to suck out of the carpet AFTER my Dyson made a pass was astonishing. It’s relatively quiet too. Am buying another to send to my daughter.

As Firebird dude notes the DC25 is heavier, more powerful, and has a bigger collection bin (and a slightly longer cord, although it’s still far from generous). The DC24 folds up for easier storage and is distinctly lighter, although still not a flyweight.

As far as hardwood floors, the DC25 has a rotating brush than can be switched off. I believe the DC24 has the same feature. That makes it better for floors (it won’t fling crumbs across the room). The higher power of the DC25 is definitely better for hard floors, and that’s what I use. That having been said, using water with a mop will still do a better job.

Does anyone know where you would take the Electrolux if it broke? Do you need to send it back or can you take it to an authorized retailer? It has a 5 year warranty so I’m assuming I’ll need to get it serviced eventually.

After some ardent research, I’ve come to the conclusion that all of these suck.

I got the Roomba for $20 more at a previous Woot sale some two weeks ago.

the “model number” on the bottom of my robot is scraped off, but all other indicators suggest that I got a Roomba 531 instead, which also doesn’t use the gray virtual walls depicted at Woot, but small black ones. A good more discussion of the differences between the 530 and the 531 can be found in the forum.

This is a nice example of what can happen with products marked “refurbished” :wink:

I wish I could like Dyson vacuums, but the ones I own have something wrong with them. One has a broken switch, and the other makes an unusual noise now. I’d recommend buying another brand.

Still waiting for a DC41 animal refurb… I don’t know if it’s ever happened before on Woot (none this year so far), but one can hope.

For those counting, this brings the total number of Dysons listed on Woot main so far this year to 17.

I bought one elsewhere about a month or so ago. Gotta love the compression of the dirt… instead of the flying fur and dust of other bagless vacs, you get a relatively neat clump of yuck that falls out easily. That, and I’m amazed how quiet it is compared to my old dyson – I don’t even mind running it late at night because it’s quiet enough I’m not likely disturbing the neighbors. So far I’m pretty happy with it. Retractable cord is always a good thing too.

Why are vacuums and glassware showing up here on the Woot! flagship channel when the Home! channel was created especially for, you know, products for the home like vacuums and glassware?

I noticed in the Fry’s ad, this morning, they’ve got a refurbished Dyson DC33, which in tests has clobbered it’s competition, including the DC25, and they’ve got it for only $179.99. I bought my refurbished DC17 from Fry’s about a year and a half ago for $199 and it’s still going strong. I wish I had the DC33, though, but I can’t tell you why. I just have it in mind that it’s the king of the hill.

Vacuum cleaners are kind of like socks… There’s nothing like using brand new ones.

I’m loving my LG upright from the last woot-off; I’m sure this offering is just as awe-inspiring.

I own a dyson upright that I’ve had for seven years and I love it. I recently bought the lg canister because we moved to a house with a lot of hardwood and tile. I love it so much more! It’s so easy to go from hardwood to throw rug back to hardwood onto carpet. The switch to turn off the brush is on the handle. There is also a min and max suction. I use the min on my throw rugs and I can vacuum them without having to stand on one end. I have yet to use the hard floor attachment but I’m sure it will pick up more dust. The regular head w/o the brushes picks up a lot. It passed the Cheerios test :slight_smile: but I haven’t tried popcorn kernels yet.