Vacuums Galore

A lot of folks seem to like/prefer the LG vacuum over the Dyson-- which model are we talking about? Is it significantly cheaper?

I just got this one and it works fine. My problem was the clip that holds the front vacuum piece on was broken so I ordered 3 of them for $10 in case it happens again. Other than that I was suprised at how much it got up after using the old vacuum. Worth $200

Don’t waste your money on the Electrolux ErgoRapido!

First of all, it has very little suction power to begin with, even with the ‘dustbuster’ portion.

More importantly, I’ve had two in the past, and in each case they slowly lose suction over time.

They don’t last a year before they’re useless.

Buyer Beware of the Electrolux Nimble. #1: It is not nimble. It is heavy and bulky. #2 The accessories are useless. #3 The plastic piece that attaches the tube to the body breaks easily. I had to wait over two months for the warranty replacement part! Apparently I was not the only one with this issue. Customer service promised one in 5 weeks. Five weeks later, it was two more weeks. Ugh…
My grandmother had an Electrolux…that thing was a battle tank and lasted for decades. This model has diminished the company’s reputation for quality in my opinion.

Call their 800 number on the vacuum. They should send you either a new vacuum or a new part.

Or direct you to an authorized repair shop.