Vacuums, Robots, & Vacuum-Robots

I bought this (yes, the reconditioned one)from woot about 2-3 years ago, and it is still one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It still sees heavy usage, 4-5 times a week thanks to our now two dogs (one of which is an aging constantly drooling and shedding Mastiff) and we’ve never had a problem with it. Still very impressed with it’s performance.

While I can’t comment on the specific robotic vacuums offered here, I have another brand in a model that you can set a schedule on, and I have to say it’s quite convenient. I have it set to run around the time I should wake up, so it works for me as an alarm clock that cleans. Don’t you wish YOUR alarm clock cleaned for you?

Comments on the Electrolux vacuum? Does anybody recommend it? Anybody oppose it?

what’s this?

But… but… there are no robots which are not also vacuum-robots, thus the title is false in its redundancy.

I have the Nimble and love it. Surprisingly quiet and yet still powerful. I vacuumed my rugs with my Shark and then went over it with the nimble and was amazed at home much it still picked up

I have the Electrolux vacuum. I got mine from Big Lots for $99. I like it a lot. It does a great job, but the bin is small, so you will have to empty it frequently, especially if you have pets.

Neato XV-12 is on for $159

says scratch and dent refurb…

The current model of Scooba is the Scooba 390, and the one for sale here is the Scooba 380. Does anyone know the difference?

The Roomba robot maker is replacing its Scooba 380 with the 390, a longer-lived floor cleaner with a simplified design. Like previous Scooba models, it can clean sealed hardwood floors, tile, and linoleum surfaces.
Its power management system ensures the machine’s battery will operate for 30 percent longer than earlier models, according to iRobot. As with the 380, it can clean 850 square feet per battery charge.
Design improvements include color-coding for parts that users have to maintain, such as the tank, cleaning head, and brush. The device’s handle latch is now easier to open.

more here

I love my Neato XV-12 with the pet accessory kit, but it’s been having problems lately with not cleaning the whole house, stopping a foot away from the charger asking to recharge its’ battery, and only running for 13 minutes this morning before needing to be recharged! I guess I need to replace the batteries again - they only last for about 6 months :frowning:

The Eureka Airspeed Gold is being sold on the mothership for $79 and is eligible for free Prime shipping.

I purchased the Neato XV-12 back in January, and today I am shipping back my third unit. Each one got progressively worse and I will be getting a full refund. It’s a shame, when it works, it works well.

Just a note to let everyone know to check your local Home Depot for Dysons on clearance. Obviously they can’t compare to this sale as they are not regular prices (or quantity). They don’t sell very well in my area and HD automatically marks them down after X months of not moving off the shelf.

I just bought a brand new cordless DC44 for $99.03 today and they had a new DC33 for $199.00.

Where are the robots? I feel conned.