Vacuums & Such

I feel like nature abhors this sale.

this is as far as the vacuum sales should be taken, sorry but they dont deserve the main highlight spot for a woot sell. As a matter of fact i’d probably never buy one because there are so damn many refurbs being sold on here on regular basis it makes me question the integrity of the product.

I bought the Hoover Power Scrub cleaner on Woot awhile back. I have an old commercial Rug Doctor, but wanted something that was lightweight - easy to get it upstairs on my own. It was a refurb but looked new and I was amazed at what a good job it did and how fast the carpet dried.

Don’t purchase the rotator it will be missing parts that are clearly listed and woot will give you the run around.Just check the other thread. But let me say one thing good. The vacuum is awesome!!!

[mod note: we’ll check in with CS to make sure you’re taken care of]

We’ve been through two older model Hoover Power Scrub Carpet Washers. They work great. Not crazy about the upholstry attachment but cleans the heck out of carpet. Paid over $100 for them.

The Shark Professional lift away is awesome. I have 3 dogs and my Orek was a good vacuum but the Shark picked up dog hair the Orek left behind. This is my second one I’ve purchased from Woot, it’s going to the office so my husband will stop borrowing mine from home. Yes it was missing accessories, but they finally sent them. Hopefully everything will be there this time.

I for one will not buy another vacumn from woot. I finally broke down and bought a dyson here and got a broke down dyson. About the fourth thing I have bout from woot that is broken. No longer will I buy from here if the product has moving parts.

Has anyone had any issues with refurb dysons? The DC24 seems to be exactly what I need and at that price it’s hard to not take a chance on it.

I have had pretty good luck with mine, plus you can always get an extended warranty through square trade.

We bought a Hoover Floormate hard floor scrubber, a while back. It was our second. The first we have had for years and still use. There is something nice about having just clean rinse water touching your floors. Sure, some will say, “It didn’t get all of that dried peanut butter and jelly sandwich off the floor”, but seriously… dried PB&J? Every few years Hoover changes their design somewhat. One year, a folding handle, another year a dial to change from wet/dry pick-up, etc. What they all have is a trigger mechanism to spread/apply water to the floor, spin scrubs and a vacuum to suck the water off. Of course you could buy a supermarket Zamboni for several grand…

I also experienced this problem with missing parts and have contacted woot to try to resolve this issue. So far I am having no luck getting these parts from customer service. All I received was a general reply offering to refund the cost (minus a restocking fee!). How can I get the missing attachments for this vacuum??? Please help CS!

Augh, us too! I should have heeded the warnings, it seems! Woot, where is my Multi Angle Dusting Brush that I paid for?

Have you contacted CS? If not, please click ‘support’ at the top of any woot page and send a message including your order info. Sorry the brush is MIA.