Vaejovis Spinigeris

2 small

bah, too small

lame shirt. Boring. Small. Bad color.

Let’s see some XS, Woot.

Complaining worked for the 3XL crowd, did it not?

I don’t “get it”.

if it wasnt pink…

shirt color might be better than the design…

I like this one. Although, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it due to the size & location of the scorpion. It’s a little too small, imo.

Not much of a fan of having a scorpion on my chest, sorry.


Definitely not for me…I prefer fuzzy puffaluffs.

bad color, poor placement, too small, no money for woot

I think this shirt will look better in real life than the picture makes it seem. I’m also willing to throw $10 down on that claim. Ordering.

That just reminded me of Tom Hanks in ‘Big’ :X

Ssssshhhh… Don’t say that too loud. They may actually sell just the plain shirt, they’ve done it before, and if they know they can get away with it again, well then, they might do it again.

condition: Illusory

It WOULD be realistic… i mean AFAI can tell, the image, dimensions, and preception of the scorpion look realistic, but I have NEVER seen any flourescent pink scorpions which is actually what scares me more. Do they even exist? I know lobsters turn from brown to red when cooked (unlike say… a Disney movie that got THAT wrong), but do scorpions also change color when cooked?

The shirt may not be my style, but the title of the description and the ‘this shirt tells the world’ are absolutely hilarious.

I like the shirt color (looks great on my Almost Perfect shirt) but what’s with the design? No good. I wish they would just release more derby runner-ups.

I’m really not liking this one

pink, white, asphalt…really not workin for me…
not tonight