Valley Forge Military & American Flags

I finally got a nice flagpole.
Had to add dusk-to-dawn light for the flag.
There’s also room below for another flag, such as my SEAHAWKS flag for game days.

Fun fact: A flag that is not made in the US cannot be sold in Minnesota. If you see an ad for flags saying “Not available in Minnesota”, those flags were made elsewhere.

Thanks for including us, Woot.

Trying a pole this time as the one on the house keeps getting pulled off due to wind. I am not surprised that few people have purchased. Too many people not very patriotic any longer. People are afraid to show that they love their country!

Also glad to see the Coast Guard getting respect. They are on call every hour of every day of the year, rescuing boaters, intercepting drug dealers, etc.

I want a Culpeper Minutemen flag.

I’ve been wanting to get a Gadsden flag, why is it more?

A bit of OCD kicks in when I see the order of the sales. The order of precedence of military flags is Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and then Coast Guard.

Why are all the 3 x 5-foot nylon flags priced at $14.99 — except “Don’t Tread On Me”?

Dunno why but the price is correct as is.