Valley Forge Military & American Flags

This is like my flagpole. It’s a nice one.

I slid some foam-plastic pipe insulation inside the pole before installing it.

This keeps the pole from “ringing” every time there’s wind and the clips strike the pole.

I like a quiet flagpole.

I also added a LED spot with light sensor at the base. That way I can leave it up (except during storms).

we do not have much wind but if we did have a 25+mph wind, will this pole flap around like the flag?

Mine doesn’t. It’s been up for 35+mph winds, and the flagpole deflects 5 or 6 inches. That’s not too bad, I think. I remove the flag for 35mph+ winds, mostly because I buy the better flags & I won’t fly a ripped or tattered flag. I’m sure very high winds could damage the pole, I don’t plan to test that…

No rainbow flags, sad day :frowning: