Valley Forge Military Flags

Which Military branch are you waving your flag for?

one nice thing is they seem to be made in the USA.

Does the flag kit have the spinning grommets? It appears to have them in the picture, but there is nothing noted in the description…

For those of you that have flags, don’t forget that they fly half mast from sunup to sundown on 9/11

U.S. Army

Isn’t it odd that we add the U.S.? I can understand under circumstance, like when I was in training at Redstone Arsenal, we had Marines and Airforce (not many) and quite a few foreign alie military members there for training also. In normal conversation I always think to myself “I bet they’re thinking, Oh…really and here I thought after we graduated you joined the Army of Liechtenstein


I hope that the right flags get shipped this time. I ordered 3 Navy flags for my family last time these were on the site, and got 1 Navy and 2 Coast Guard… I got my money refunded OK, but my brother is gonna try to order some flags this time and I hope he doesn’t have to deal with getting the wrong flags.

come on, you all stand it boats, what’s the difference? (hehe)

Go Army!! HOOAH!!

All of them on Memorial Day.

I’m grateful for all of them !

You can go on, order the Marine Flag (EXACT SAME) for $7.20 and if you have $25 in your cart…NO shipping. Come on WOOT, you can do better than this!

The buyer checked and didn’t see spinning grommets.

CORRECTION: The American flag kit has spinners.

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I really wish you would have sold: