Vampire Photo Booth

And I thought it was only SUNLIGHT that destroyed vampires! silly me.

A perfect Kodak moment.

So the camera flash killed the vampire?

Remember kids, never play with matches… or photo booth flash bulbs…

Ahh, photos make such priceless memories…

See? This is what happens when you let Twilight change the rules. Now nobody understands how vampires work!

Gotta give him credit for keeping his eyes open!

Congrats Spiritgreen! : )

His clothes also are photohypersensitive!

Glad this shirt placed. Cant wait to get it.

He is a little ashen gray so the photo booth just put him out of his misery…silly vampires thinking they can live forever and such

Ultra violet flash on the photo boot I guess and no mirrors in the camera

Not so sparkly now, eh???

Congrats, Spirit – cute design! :smiley:

I’m sorry… I had to laugh at this when I first saw this. Congrats, Spirit.

Photo Booth killed the silent film star.
Photo Booth killed the silent film star.
In the sun or with a flash,
This girl will kick some vampire ash.


In for 1 ! Now my kid can let the girls at school know how he feels about Twilight. Because according to my kid … " Only girls like sparkly vampires "

Poof! The perils of vanity. And a Poe reference.

congrats, spirit!
definitely snagged one!