Vampire Vineyards 2007 Dracula Pinot Noir - 2 Pack

Vampire Vineyards 2007 Dracula Pinot Noir - 2 Pack
$39.99+ $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 2007 Vampire Vineyards, Dracula Pinot Noir
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It’s lonely in here

Halloween seems to be upon us…

Half price when compared to the winery direct.

Everything I read seems promising, but does anyone have any tasting notes or scores? I know the regular Vampire Vinyards Pinot is alright, but I have never ventured to the Dracula side!

I would buy this just for the silly name, but apprently the vampires don’t like their Marylanders drinking wine.

Hi there!

Pinot Noir
Now with 30% more blood!

A great novelty purchase, and it actually sounds pretty good too.

Interesting wine, what is the drinking window on these?

Drink before dawn, or rest in the dark, damp, depths of my crypt…err wine refrigerator?

Previous Woot offering:
Vampire - Four Pack $49.99 + $5 shipping 10/13/2008

clever woot. this stuff will be able to arrive in time for Halloween!

excellent! 30% blood, but what % alcohol?
I also wonder if high acid curdles the blood, so we’re to expect a low pH?

Vampires are an abomination. And the wine??? I’ll hold out for a more serious offering. Personally I’m not fond of cute or slick names. A reputable château or respected winemaker would be more convincing. My .02
Flame away!

Is it made out of kosher Transylvanian peasants?

Lighten up bro… have some fun, smell the flowers, drink, be merry…

If you want to buy as a gag for the bottle/name, consider the buying the non vintage Dracula Pinot Noir at 10.95 direct from winery.

While you’re making blood-curdling jokes, I can’t help but point out that it’s ‘30% more blood’–and 30% x 0 = …

2007 was a fantastic vintage in the Santa Barbara area.

I would buy this if they had a marketing picture of a fat women in tears reading twlight drinking this wine.

I had their Syrah from the 4-pack in 2008. That was one of the best Syrah’s that I have had.

It may be a funny name, but their wines are very good. In for two!


Only peripherally related…anyone have an opinion about aerators? More specifically is there any advantage to the ones you hold over the glass vs. the ones you insert into the bottle?