Vampire Vineyards Dracula (4)

Vampire Vineyards Dracula 4-Pack
$54.99 $126.80 57% off List Price
2009 Dracula Syrah, Paso Robles
2010 Dracula Merlot, Paso Robles
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Vampire Vineyards is not quality wine.
They hide bad batches and sell if off as good product – Buy at your own risk!

Last year I bought from Woot a case, 12 bottles for around $90, that makes $7.50 a bottle. This year for 4 bottles Woot wants $55, that is $13.75 Worth it? Last year bottles were screw off tops, now they have corks. Last year they tasted good for $7.50 I will pass on them this year, at this price. Maybe they will be offered again as last year.

I have been wanting to try their wines for a while now. Mostly, I admit, for the novelty. We’ll see if they’re worth it. This is a much better price than buying directly from the Vampire Winery website at least.

Those were from Romania. I bought those as well and they actually weren’t too bad. I’m waiting for those to come up again, but this wine.woot is different.

Here’s the link to last year’s sale. As noted, these are different.

I agree, I got a case of this last year, was so terrible. A party with 100 people and we ran out of all other beer and wine, and still had 10 bottles the next morning. We just dumped it out. Tasted terrible, not even winos would drink this.

Your comments still say that wine can’t be delivered to Montana, but the law changed this month. When will we be able to order?

oh wine.woot…how I would love to partake of SOMETHING from you… alas, I live in Utah…

The law change in Montana doesn’t apply to wine.woot. It allows for direct shipments, i.e. from the winery direct to the consumer but wine.woot is considered a third party since they sell and ship the wine on behalf of the winery without ever owning the wine.

You are so patient day after day!

Thank god one of us is. I gave up long ago and I’m guessing North is one more post away from doing so, as well.

Thank you for reply. Good to know. Did not pay atention where they are from, this year, price was a higher concern. And, Yes, I agree with you, I did like them, still have a bottle saved.

Considered it for the novelty, passed thanks to the reviews. Good looks guys.

I realize that casual users don’t check the site regularly enough to always be caught up on what’s going on, plus in this case it was news to me that Montana had recently changed their laws so I did read up on that and learned something myself. Basically they are wide open for direct shipments now as long as the wineries are willing to pay an additional $50 on top of whatever they already pay to sell to distributors in the state. However, no mention of third parties at all.

Thanks, sigh, I’ll keep waiting.