Vampire Wine Red - 4 Pack

Vampire Wine Red - 4 Pack
$47.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2009 Vampire Merlot
1 2008 Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon
1 2007 Trueblood Pinot Noir
1 2007 Dracula Syrah

CT Links above.

Anyone making Twilight jokes gets put on Probation. :slight_smile:

First Twilight ruins literature.

Then movies.

Now wine.

I hate the world.

Edit: I dare you to probate me.

Why no shipping to Georgia?

too much sun for the vampires

Too many crosses in Georgia.

In for 3 and happy to rat! You had me at vampire.

All joking aside, is this stuff any good? I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m always extra skeptical of gimmicky wines like this.

Nice call in the last thread MarkDaSpark

Apparently, this wine is what The Lost Boys drink. Check the contest at the bottom of their website:

Being skeptical of gimmicky wines seems like a reasonable thing to me, but this is probably best put to use at a Halloween party.

I’ve had this before and both the Vampire wines are pretty good. I don’t know about the other two though. I wish I could find a store around here that carried it.

I’ve seen them at World Market stores.

Previous offering 5/24/10

and the first post has links from another offering - First Offering with Labrats

Vampire Winery at Snooth

2008 Cab review

2007 PN

Seriously, wineries need a specific permit to ship directly to consumers in GA, and the rules changed recently. As such, many wineries either haven’t bothered or have yet to get the paperwork right.

Can you ship wine in Georgia?

Georgians - write your favorite wineries!

If I’m buying a gift for a vampire, would he/she prefer this wine or Tru Blood?

Real vampires drink this too. I’d take those ratings with a drop of blood, though.

If this follows the same shipping schedule as the Scott Harvey InZINerator, it should show up on your doorstep November 1st.

Courtesy of CJ:

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