Van Gogh Handpainted Reproductions

Are the 8x10 pictures the size of the image or the overall size including the frame?

The Outskirts of Paris doesn’t look very similar to the original…

Handpainted reproductions…aren’t those called forgeries?

Not so much forgeries as cheaper than the originals and generally more attractive than posters…

But I’m also starting to question the value of “reproduction.” I was tempted by the olive trees when I saw it on my phone, but now that I’ve taken a closer look on a big screen, I’m leaning towards no.

I wasn’t too familiar with this particular painting (though I’m a big fan of another one in the olive trees series, which is why I took a look in the first place) so I googled the original, and I’m not seeing much fidelity.

I haven’t taken a closer look at the other originals, but I’m thinking the accuracy is going to be hit and miss at best.

They’re painted in China, and are on a discount site. A quality reproduction is gonna cost a little more than this, and is usually done by an art student sitting in front of the original all day. Fun process to watch, actually. I watched a cute girl playing around with Rembrant’s eyebrows and neck for about a half hour once when copying his self portrait. Of course, copying a self portrait raises some existential questions. Does it just become a portrait?

Anyway, these may not be the most accurate reproductions, but just about every reproduction will be in the almost but not quite category. Some get closer than others, but you’re never going to get perfect. But you do get depth and texture that no print ever captures.

All that said, they’re beginning to play around with making perfect, textured reproductions with 3D printers, which will probably put a lot of reproduction painters out of business.

Anyway, was there a point to this? Eh, I lost it.

Buy these, don’t buy these. They’re pretty. They’re imperfect reproductions of the work one of the greatest artists who ever lived. Nobody’s going to think they’re real, not least because somebody who could afford a real one isn’t going to be living in a modest 2 bedroom apartment. They will look much nicer than a print of the same work.

Hello, 8X10 is the oil painting size without the frame.

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On the point about the two-bedroom apartment, when I was a graduate student, I visited the apartment of a fellow grad student, where I saw, on the wall, a Picasso. As I looked at it, I said to him, “great reproduction.”

He said, “reproduction?”

It was real…