Vandalized Turtle



Big congrats on this one… it earned it’s place in a tough derby


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after January 25th


nice in for 1




Adorable. In for one.


Cool stuff. Lots of people must like turtles. Turtle. Turtle Turtle.


Grats Failoan!! awesome job!


Congrats! Not my style… but good job! =)


Got one for the Wife. I am sure she will like it, after all it is so cute.

edit: This makes me better than everyone else! Sweet!


Got my turtle shirt! Mad props to the artist! Fantastic work.


major grats. 1 for me, 1 for fiancee


This won?! Who was voting? 12 year old teenage girls and 4 year olds?


I like the look. Sold!


nice i like it!


in for 1


SEE THE TURTLE of enormous girth


Cute, but I am hoping for Alice and Neverland to be 2 and 3. Turtles just aren’t my thing.


I was dying for this one!! So glad it got first! Congrats


yes, because those age ranges either know how to use a credit card or are allowed to purchase stuff online.

Geeze, grow up. It’s a nice design, just not for you. Move on.