Vanguard Camera Tripods & Gear

Bought one of the big ones last time around. I couldn’t be happier with it. Built like a tank, sturdy as can be, ball head is awesome. I have carried it everywhere, photo shoots, hiking, exploring, landscapes…it’s been everywhere with me and I would buy another in a heartbeat. facebook \ abandonedtravels

The one i got was the Vanguard ABEO 323AB Aluminum Tripod with SBH-250 Ball Head. I also got a WAY better deal on it too $139 back in April 2014.

Does this come with the carrying bag?

Which item?

Definitely get the pistol grip version to use with your big lens if you love attention.

I got the Alta Pro 263AT recently for $200 and love it. The carbon fiber ones are a step up. Fantastic sticks.

I purchased the 283CP through this deal as soon as the deal went live and it showed up 2 days later. Amazing tripod. I kind of wish I would have gone with the Pistol Grip version, but the pan head is still a great head if that is your style. I will probably be using a different head all together since I mainly shoot video.