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How often do you use your binoculars?


AMZ has the $10 Vanguard DA-1025B for $14.51, so cheaper if you have prime or are willing to order more than $25 of stuff. No ratings so far.

(ObDisclaimer: Unless you’re buying other stuff on Woot today, of course.)

Edit: Here’s a lengthy review on Epinions, the only one I could find.


I like your disclaimer. :happy:


Is there a reason the monopods or tripod wouldn’t work with a camera? Amazon sells the exact same models as camera monopods, but woot doesn’t have a good enough image from those to see the threaded nut.

My assumption is yes, or at least yes with a different nut/adapter.


That would be an affirmative on the dual use. Industry standard for camera/optics mounts is 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 (they make adapters for 1/4 to 3/8). You just have to make sure the XXXpod can handle the weight of your device.


Maybe these aren’t selling out because they can easily be had for about the same price (or in some cases a decent amount less) on Ebay?


These are good, well made binoculars. They have phase coatings on the prisms, the lenses are fully multicoated, and they are waterproof/fogproof. They also appear to have relatively long eye relief, a nice touch for eyeglass wearers. The field of view on some models seems to be a tad on the narrow side, but not terribly so. The price is right, too, and with a $25.00 rebate the price is even better. I especially like the looks of the 8x36 Vanguard Spirit Plus for its size, weight, and overall performance, by the way. I mean, they are not going to compete with top-of-the-line Zeiss or Leica bins but, hey, they don’t cost $2000.00 a pop, either. If you hike, hunt, or enjoy casual bird watching, these binoculars will serve you well.


Past terms of lesser endearment like “bait and switch” are being phased out in favor of self governing entities that at the very least, supply enough of the “bait” to symmetrically support the rest of the products.

You can do your own math in judging whether Woot initially supplied the $10 product…

Then again, maybe the leap from more intimate lines, to these ‘mass production’ offerings, is too much of a “switch” to begin - or end with. You, too, can be the judge there, as… well.


Just be sure you understand that the Spirit Plus line is not the same quality as the Spirit ED Glass Line from Vanguard.

The quality of the glass is considerably different! Although the Binos themselves look pretty much the same. (exactly would be a fair word to use)

But for 135-145 dollars they are the best Binoculars you will find anywhere.


Got mine. One of the lenses is chipped on the inside. Anybody else had issues I didn’t know these might be seconds. They were advertised as new.


If you had a damaged order, please feel free to contact us at and we’ll be glad to help you resolve the issue.

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