Vanguard Optics

I bought this as an archery spotting scope. Should work well to 90m and not be too cumbersome. Archery websites suggest glass size no larger than 60mm for portability. Also good that waterproof because it WILL be rained on.

so Amazon has the Vanguard 16-48x65mm straight scope for $216.45… its possible they aren’t the same model (i don’t see the word ‘Endeavor’ or ‘65S’ in the title…) but they look identical.

EDIT: i now see it says ‘Endeavor 65S’ in the first paragraph of the description on Amazon so the price there is $15 less than here and free 2 day shipping with Prime…

Something is amiss or misleading. There is a Vangard Endeavor HD65A which closely reflects the MSRP here at Woot and there is the Vangard 65A which can be purchased at Ebay for $299. I don’t think the 63% off is accurate as it appears to be MSRP for the HD model. This isn’t the HD model.

If you run a search on Vangard’s own website for: “endeavor 65a” what results is the endeavor hd-65a. There is no such model with only “65a”.

How do I cancel my order? Refuse shipment?

At this point, it’s likely too late to cancel. You can send an email to Woot Member Services to see what your options are.

I already sent a message to them a couple days ago but they have not responded - due to it’s the weekend. I can refuse shipment without opening package, it will be sent back.

They haven’t responded yet…