Vanguard Spirit Plus Binoculars



**Don’t forget to mail in your rebate if you buy this!!**

Here is a video on the spirit plus line from vanguard


Ok, here we go with a few facts for later.

  1. You will not get a rebate form in the box. You must print it yourself from the link provided.

So, when you come back here in a few weeks to ask where to find the rebate form, remember: It’s always available from the sale page which you can get to from the product name link in the first post of this thread or just click here. I suggest bookmarking it now to make it easier.

  1. You will not get a receipt in the box. Go to Stuff You Bought and print your order detail page as a receipt.

  2. Read everything twice, fill everything out, read it again, check everything, make copies of it all, THEN and only then, seal the envelope. Almost all rebates have very exacting instructions and it’s easy to forget something.

  3. Wait. Rebates take a very long time to process. They are done by companies (not the manufacturer) and this isn’t the only rebate campaign they’re working on.


haha well you just blew my post out of the water :tongue:


Reviews on Amazon…


Reworked my posts from previous rebate sales. I know the drill.


This would make a great gift bundle for the teenagers,


i don’t know shít about binoculars. tell me, wooters, which option would be best for large sporting events (cfb/nfl)?


Similar to @pinchecats question, could someone explain what the benefits of the different models are?

I’m used photography equipment, so a translation of binocular #'s into standard glass terms would be greatly appreciated. Or just actual distance these can be used for.

I appreciate the help/lesson.


The first number is the magnification, so binoculars that are, for example 10x42 will magnify things 10 times their normal size.

The second number is the size, in millimeters, of the objective (front) lens. A larger lens lets in more light making images seen through the binoculars brighter.


anyone have any idea whether the rebate is limited to one unit? Typically rebates say a maximum or something like “only good for ___” but I dont see that here and this deal runs out before the company opens on monday so I cant ask…


Here is the best real world advice I can offer.

10x42 are going to be the largest, but they will let in the most light and get you the “closest” to what you are looking at. They hard be hard to keep steady though. I use this magnification at work watching birds on the beach, they work well there but there is a lot of light; when it is bright they are great.

8x42 are going to give you the same magnification as the 10x42, but they let in a little less light, so the image won’t be as bright. They are easier to keep steady though. They are a good all around range though, and work well in the woods, backyard, etc. This is the type I own (not the vanguard, different company).

8x32 are the smallest, and have the smallest “zoom”. They should have the largest field of view though, which means they will have the biggest viewing area.


Umm. How much is the rebate? Is that the deal here?


i have been looking for a good set of binos the last few days, and was going to buy a set of steiner military/marine. as luck would have it, i looked at woot sport today, and here you go. the reviews were too good for these, and at about half the price. had to pull the trigger on a set of 8x42’s. already printed out the receipt, and rebate form. really, a pretty good deal!!


btw, the link for the rebate form is iin the first post. it is for $25…


Actually the magnification in the 8x42 is less than the 10x42, but they should have equal brightness.


Does country of origin have anything to do with quality?

First, at this price point, this is not a bad deal at all, all things considered.

I was curious so I googled, “Vanguard Spirit Plus Binoculars country of origin” and what I found was these are made in China. When buying it should be known that the quality of optics from China are not up to Japanese standards. Nor are optics from Korea and/or any other far east country. The best optics are from Japan and Germany with German optics almost always being the highest priced.

Long term camera buffs that visit Woot (and it seems there are quite a few) can attest to the fact that one of the most used "bait and switch’ tactics of unscrupulous camera dealers (that almost all sell other optics as well) would advertise and offer a well known brand name at a ridiculously low price. When you called them to place an order you were told, “sorry we have sold out but we have another brand that retails for more and is better and we will let you have it for the same lower price!” How nice. No, not nice. You were baited and you called. They made the offer and if you said yes, the switch had been made. When you received your new lens, binoculars, etc., you looked and there was the surprise. Made in Korea or made in China.

Again, this is not to say this offer is a bad deal as long as you are aware the optical quality is not going to be what a good set of binoculars (same or similar specs) from a Japanese manufacturer are going to be. You will none the less pay a little more but you will be getting better quality optics.


Another binocular newbie question–our cheap binoculars are zoom 7-15x35. I assume that means our zoom goes to 15 magnification. Why aren’t these more expensive and better quality binoculars zoom? Are there trade-offs in getting zoom? Seems like the ability to go much higher in magnification would be a great feature.


Wrong logic on the "42"s. The light GATHERING ability of the aperture–42mm is the same, but the magnification–either 8x or 10x–SPREADS the image more, making it LESS bright as it magnification increases. So the 8x42s will have the brighter(and smaller) of the two images.
Also, unless you’re REALLY steady, 10x is pretty tough to hold.

“Power affects brightness. Other things being equal, the higher the power, the dimmer the view. And power also affects the field of view of the binoculars. Again, everything being equal, the higher the power, the smaller the field of view. So, as you can see, power must be balanced against other desirable characteristics when choosing binoculars.”


“Also, the optical quality of a zoom binocular at any given power is inferior to that of a fixed power binocular of that power. In general, zoom binoculars are not the bargain they seem to be.”