VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector

VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector

I got one of these 6 months ago (for the same price.) I haven’t used it a ton, but for the price ($170 after tax) I’m totally satisfied. I’ve never had any other FHD projector to compare it to, and I can’t measure actual brightness or contrast to see how accurate the manufacturer’s ratings are, but it’s nice and sharp as I’d expect FHD to be. I really can’t complain for the price (last time I checked similar entry-level FHD projectors were still around $200-250 on Amazon) and the included accessories (carrying bag, remote, HDMI cable) are nice to have.

I’m sure there are better options for more money, but I could absolutely recommend this one to anyone as their first [FHD] projector given the low price.


The condition states “new”, but the description states “certified refurbished”.
Is this a refurbished product?

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I just got a Roku TV so I have no business even looking, but this actually seems better than I thought it would be.

I have noticed that the condition labels have been, shall we say creatively interpreted, the last year or so. I don’t know if there was a staff change, change in communication from the sourcing of deals to the writers, or if Woot is just finally becoming more like the mothership in how they sell goods.
I purchased some decent home theater speakers a few weeks back that were “factory refurbished”. That was consistent through the listing. When they arrived the box was destroyed completely, and there were multiple clear labels that these were B stock, not refurbished. They had dents and dings but work great (full disclosure I received a small partial refund from Woot for the damage). I have had other items that were marked as new that were pretty clearly refurbished.

Vankyo’s website shows a 3 year warranty?

Woot any help to squash this confusion over condition or warranty?

Is it possible they’ve updated the “description?” Where specifically did you find “certified refurbished”?

Seems like if the front page pricing area says…

Condition: New

Then you’d be protected with the pretty darned helpful Woot Customer Service folks. I always print or screen capture the published info for anything I buy online at the time I buy. Has protected me more than once.

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I had not heard of “VANKYO” until a friend mentioned he was really pleased with a full feature VANKYO 10 inch tablet he bought for an also very decent price.

It’s definitely “New” condition. I think you’re right on the warranty too, 3 years Manufacturer Warranty from Vankyo. We’ll update in a second.


Looks like the description has been updated. They just copied and pasted the little quotation from another projector that was sold refurbished in the past and forgot to change the brand name and condition.

I bought this for my daughter’s birthday last time it was around and she loves it! Great for streaming with a fire stick, great for zoom lectures, great for movies. Perfect on her bedroom wall in a darkened room but adequate elsewhere. A terrific buy.

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I have one of these that I bought here 6 months ago. It works fine, the picture is clear, I have had to play with the color a little, but that could just be personal preference. The biggest annoyance is that I have it mounted on the ceiling just slightly behind the couch and the fan runs all of the time and it is loud. I have had to turn up the speakers a few notches to overcome the fan noise.

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Career AV guy here. For the record, when projector manufacturers only list brightness in lux, they’re trying to hide something. We never look at lux, only lumens.


I know right. I thought this was really weird. LUX uses square feet of space. Lumens and LUX are not equivalent to each other. Every projector manufacturer I have seen uses Lumen in their description. I suspect that Vankyo is using LUX to deceive or trick people into buying it. An novice might see that and think it has a great brightness when in reality it might suck. Even Vankyo has a disclaimer on their description on their own website.

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So my Vankyo v600 has just failed on me. Three year warranty from 12/2020, but Vankyo tells me to contact Woot/Amazon :thinking:

Hi there. Sorry you’re having issues with Vankyo. Let me check in with our electronics team.

Update: Yeah, reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Note: Woot! Customer Service replies go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email if used/different.