Vapur Shake Water Filters (Multiple QTY)

Yeah, I’m a little skeptical. By little, I mean significantly.

That’s ok, the great thing about science is it works despite skepticism!

Well, “Science damn it!” You got me! Not really, but crying science doesn’t really mean it’s happening. See, I think you’ve confused “a product that claims to do something” with “science”. It’s a common mistake though.

Now, this thing COULD be doing things based upon scientific discovery. I genuinely don’t know how effective loose activated carbon is, gently shaken around in a bottle with little room for the water to really interact with the packet for a few seconds, as opposed to a gravity fed activated carbon filter that has much more of the volume of the water passing over the activated charcoal, hence the skepticism. Showing something like that could certainly be science and be interesting. That’s what you do with science, you like, show evidence for things, and stuff. You didn’t choose to do that though.

That sums up my previous post perfectly. It was just too difficult to pass up the opportunity to be snarky with a picture comment.

Chinese carbon tea bags?

from the sound of it even if i explained how it works, you wouldn’t understand. lol but if you must know you’d have to take basic chem, fluid dynamics and integral calculus.
so… don’t buy one!

Since your snark wasn’t helpful, I’ll try to be.

As a mathematician who teaches calculus (I double-majored in chemistry, by the way), going back to college to take integral calculus isn’t going to help you in understanding this product.

You are right to be skeptical of these filters for a number of reasons. The most obvious is that carbon-activated filters do nothing to remove nitrates or iron from water as they don’t react with the carbon. So if you have well water taste, these may not work for removing it. That said, they do remove organics, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide adequately… assuming that they have time and active carbon surface area for adsorption to occur. That’s precisely why commercial carbon filtration systems SLOWLY pass water through multiple layers of carbon filtration… to ensure that adsorption fully occurs. Moreover, filtration also involves a sieving effect that these filters overlook, allowing larger particulate matter to float on by.

The second reason that I am concerned is that these are being sold in the “Sports” section (as opposed to “Home”, for example); I hope that folks recognize that you can’t use this product to make water from a lake or river safe to drink with these packets. These packets will do nothing to kill giardia or cryptosporidium… both of which are capable of sidelining you for quite some time from your backpacking or hiking exploits. They do mention in the spec page “for filtering tap water”, but I wanted to put a gold star next to this point as it is critical to your health.

The final reason for concern? The country of origin. Sorry, but trusting the Chinese for consumables to save a buck is gambling with your most precious resource. If you trust our foreign neighbors with issues of food safety, purchase away. I’ll pass, personally.

Assuming that you are using them to “refresh” water with too much chlorine or a sulfur smell that is already safe to drink, they will probably work fine. There are a number of excellent reviews for the product on Amazon for folks using it in this way.

Cool story, brah! I DO have a background in all of those things actually, hence the skepticism. I also know where my shift key is.

Also, don’t worry, I won’t be buying one. Thank you for your unhelpful snark though.

This was actually genuinely insightful and confirmed my biggest concerns with the product. Thank you for taking the time.