Various Monitors

$519 new with new warranty and free shipping on Amazon. Not understanding the paltry $40 savings for a refurb with 90 days. Still waiting to realize more substantial savings before pulling the trigger on this refurb. Knock another $100 off the price and then we’ll talk.

I’m assuming you are referring to the Samsung U28D590D?

That one is of interest to me too. How does a 4K monitor work? Do you need a special graphics card to support it or can a normal graphics card in a typical off-the-shelf Dell PC handle it?

I’ve been considering getting a 27" 1440p for a while now but may consider this.

Yeah it does need a graphics adapter capable of running a 4k screen.

I just googled if I can use a Mac Mini to drive one of these, and the answer is, sadly, no. Apparently only devices that have the right chipset (such as: a retina macbook pro) can drive a 4k display at 60Hz.

Okay, thanks, I just googled my graphics card (GeForce 9300) and apparently it only goes up to 2560x1600. :frowning:

A note about the 4K display. I was considering pulling the trigger when had them a while ago. The stand is completely un-adjustable. It sits where it is. That is it. It cannot be removed it has no vesa mount and the ports are way up in the middle of it.

However if the 1ms GTG time is true it would make a great gaming monitor. (if you use display port out and not HDMI)