Various Supplements

FWIW, I bought the Hyper FX after seeing it here. I bought it from for the same price (2for1) just because I know BB ships faster. It gives you a fairly thorough jolt. The extra kick in the pants made me finish my workout 15 minutes faster than usual without even realizing it. Combined with Testogen XR I got a solid pump with plenty of energy. I’d recommend it at this price.

DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF! Mine just came today. I got both flavors. The watermelon flavor was rock hard (ZERO POWDER, no joke, one solid mass) and had weird crumbs and webs around the edges of the lid. It looks like it was infested with bugs. I’m freaked out. You need a chisel or pick axe to get the “powder” out of the tub. Will be contacting Woot tomorrow to discuss a refund. Not happy.

This is the first instance of this issue. The product all has sufficient shelf life. Contact support and they will take care of you accordingly. Please send an image to them as well.

i’m sorry to hear that. please email so we can assist.