Vaughn Duffy Russian River Pinot Noir (3)

Vaughn Duffy Russian River Pinot Noir 3-Pack
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2012 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley
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No idea on this vintner/vintage but I love Pinot Noir. Taking a flyer on this!

Nice back story about the winemakers under the Winery tab. The bulk of the fruit comes from the Stori vineyard, a tiny ~2 acre parcel that is located in the Green Valley of the Russian River Valley, not that far from Iron Horse. Considering Iron Horse’s Pinots go for $50-$85/bottle, this definitely seems worth the flyer. Not much info on the 2012 but some very nice tasting notes on CT for the 2010 vintage. I am tempted…

HERE is a vineyard map which shows the tiny Stori vineyard near the bottom, just to the right of center (just W of Hicks Rd and a little N of Jeanette Ave.) Iron Horse takes up a good chunk of the NW quadrant of the map.

SWMBO and I had the pleasure of 'ratting this, and a pleasure indeed it was. The wine has good color and is clear, but not brilliantly so (unfiltered, unfined, to be expected).

The nose was not huge. What there was was very nice, fresh fruit oriented. This is not a fruit bomb in any sense, but a food wine to be sure.

It was only with the entry I knew I was tasting something special - beautiful fresh berry fruit, remarkably balanced with lots of acid and enough tannin.

From that entry through the middle and into the finish, those impressions held: just enough of everything you want, with an almost textbook perfect structure.

2012 was a year where glorious fruit was to be had, and Sara and Matt were particularly successful in turning it into a wine you will enjoy drinking. This part of the Russian River Valley - as chipgreen notes, literally across Highway 116 from the Green Valle AVA where Iron Horse makes lovely Pinot - is becoming known for outstanding Pinot. At a family wedding held at Vine Hill House after the Tour, we tasted a 2012 O’Connell Estate Pinot (we looked over the vineyards from the lawn where we dined) from the same area. That was all Pommard clone and highly aromatic: another example of how good so many RRV Pinots are getting… but, back to the Vaughn Duffy!

SWMBO, who is highly critical (though not always as analytical as I am) Pinot lover, liked it very much and was especially struck by the balance.

After 45 minutes or so, it opened up a bit in the nose, but the nose remained restrained. With our grilled Salmon dinner, the wine was as close to perfect as anything other than the old California fresh bright berry style of Zinfandel that created the pairing.

If you like the wines I tend to like, buy this. There’s not much of it, and it’s very, very good.

I’m usually skeptical of wine label descriptions of wines, especially from new wineries. This one, zippy energy and red berry concentration, just nailed it!

Will Matt and Sara continue to make wines this good? I don’t know, but I can tell you I’ll be keeping an eye on their wine!

Once again, I am done in by RPM. Curses! This will be waiting for me when I come to the US next summer.

Finally, I have a green box now!

After reading rpm’s tasting notes and solide recommendation, I quickly placed my order. And I just got the case off the floor and could move in the cellar. I better make sure to drink some space for this before it arrives.

Hi Wooters!

Thanks for inviting us to the party. In honor of the wooting, we are going to drink this wine all day! What’s that? We’re picking grapes today? Harvest is almost here and I have a to do list I can’t see the end of? Oh well, we’ll open a bottle tonight then…

Let me know if you have any questions about the wine or Vaughn Duffy. I’ll check back later today.

Matt Duffy

You won’t curse when you drink it…

Tempted, but once again I really dislike the no summer hold option on shipping. I know WD does a great job has it down to science yada yada yada. But with the summer ship although you get a heads up FedEx tracking number, you never really know what’s going on with it til the reefer truck gets to FedEx. I ended up being out of town for 10 days the last time I tried this, figured something out, but. And it’s not refrigerated the last leg of the journey, correct me if I’m wrong. Rant over.

Searching around the good ol’ it never lies internet, nothing but good remarks about Vaughn Duffy. The vineyard sourcing and 75% whole cluster sounds intriguing. And looks like they make a dang good rosé. Decisions decisions.

IF3…excited to try this limited 2012 vintage. Will be hard to practice self control.

Welcome! This thread could be interesting by the end of the day if you drink this wine all day. :tongue:

Hi Matt, Will you consider making the same deal and shipping this wine to wooters in states not on the woot “ship to” list? Some of the wineries will do that when they make an offering on woot, although shipping cost may be slightly higher. I would love to try this wine.


Thanks for your comments and positive review. The word “balance” is almost a cliche these days when comes to Pinot Noir speak, but that is truly what we are aiming for.

We are in love with Green Valley as a Pinot Noir AVA… Other vineyards besides Iron Horse in the neighborhood include Dehlinger, Merry Edwards and Keefer Ranch. We feel lucky to get these grapes and will be working out tails off to keep making wines this good!

Matt Duffy

Hi Jim,

Thanks for taking a chance on our Pinot Noir. IMO it is a low-risk proposition!

Matt Duffy

Yes! Please go to and sign up for our mailing list. I will reply later with the offer. We will take care of you…

Matt Duffy

Winery in the house, making good noises in support of wooters in areas denied…
RPM making buy-buy-buy noises…

Where will I put this?
I’ll find room I guess, somewhere.

Winery question Matt;
would like your comments on life expectancy and development when properly cellared.

My sense is that this could age a few years, but I would have at least one bottle now to truly appreciate the job they’ve done with balance and fruit flavors. You usually don’t see me saying this, but this time, enjoy now and in a year or three.

I hadn’t tried much PN until I tasted–then purchased–some on a recent visit to Iron Horse. That and really liking the Clary Ranch PN is winning me over. I’m in!

Last wooter to woot:bolligra

Sold! Thanks to you and Mrs. RPM for the notes.
Last wooter to woot: chipgreen