Vector 12V Mini Console Travel Cooler/Warmer



these are awesome. in for 3 !!!


Nice item. Got one for Christmas last year. If I didn’t have one, I would get it :smiley:


Why the hell would someone need this?


Ok, now this is something I can use in my work van.


Looks like i missed the one thing I actually would have bought… the Stanley 101 Piece Mechanic’s Set. Did anybody buy this just to take one for the team? I’ll buy it from you or something :slight_smile:


that was fast



Gimme sometin good Mistaah!

Dis aint no good.


i have one of these! … it’s sitting in my closet unopened :confused:


grr how annoying… and i want one too!!!


took one for the team, just in time too!


just missed it.


in for 3!!!

been waiting for these


Damn. Wanted one of those.


What was the price on this?


oh god damnit

mine is used, has an rma sticker in the box saying “returned because it doesnt work,” the box looks like it’s been through hell and back and it has food drippings in it.

i expected more from you, woot. i’m really disappointed.


If you believe you’ve received a product not as advertised, please get in touch with with your order number to initiate a return.


Mine were returned to HSN because they were broken. How do I know this? I know this because the previous owner’s name and return label to HSN is still on my package! And I opened it and it is broken and used. I will email rma.