Vector 17 Liter Travel Cooler y Warmer Console



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Vector 17 Liter Travel Cooler & Warmer Console
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Vector 17 Liter Travel Cooler & Warmer Console VEC245MC


Google Product Search!


omg… if only this one were a 2fer… ya know… anywho, useful linkage gots the comparison links… i actually already have this thing… it IS woot-tastic and such… totally being honest kids.


Come in very handy during the summer!


happy fourth of july! this is perfect for watching the fireworks…next year.


What happens if you set it to cO0l and warm at the same time???


How does this one compare to the one in the last woot off?


The secret of the Vector 17 Liter Travel Cooler & Warmer Console is to add 17 Liters of the finest woot wine.


lol, use it to chill your beer on july 4th… good one woot if only it got here on time


Could be useful… wonder how long it’ll run before it drains my battery…


Had one, sucks big time. Maybe next time w00t!


So can this be pre-charged from the home, and what would be the average cooling life ?


I bought one of these for my folks from Target. They travel a lot and love it.


what does it mean when it says cools down 45 deg below ambient?


I own it. The motor is loud!!!



“See, I’m a travel cooler. You plug me into a 12-volt outlet on a car or boat, fill me with up to 20 12-ounce cans, and I can cool them down to 40 degrees F, or warm them up to 120 F -”


if someone mods this into a pc case please post pics, lol


LOL@does this work with a mac…er, is there where i store my mac n cheese!


It only plugs into a 12-volt power supply…as in the one in your car.