Vector Jump Start System with Air Compressor

Nice, been thinking about buying one of these for a while now, but keep not justifying the normally $50-80 they run. At this price, it’s time to jump on.

You might think these su(k, until you find yourself somewhere with a dead battery. Also good for when you are out camping. We use them in the fleet operations where I work and they have become invaluable.
Too bad I bought the inverter already this week. No more Woot dollars for a while.

I got one…good price especially with the air compressor included with it

Hmm. Might make a nice Christmas gift for a couple of not-so-good-at-turning-their-lights-off friends of mine. May have to bite.

as someone who has waited for AAA numerous times before to help me with a dead battery. THIS is something I have been wanting to buy, and I will be now.
thx woot, it’ll go lovely in my car when i go to the next few yankee playoff games i bought yesterday for the gf.

btw lets go mets!

Don’t have a car, but …
CD of Raffi lullabies on infinite repeat.
is the funniest thing I’ve read all night. Thanks, Woot

HEY! I am starting my own movie, J@CK@SS Number 3. I think this thing will work great on certain body parts!

I think what scares me most is this item is a refurb (ignore prior r0x0rz).

Which means that someone, somewhere bought this for an emergency, and it failed.

So, war torn, they drudge it back to their retailer of choice.

This is not exactly confidence inspiring.

Refurbished probably means somebody had it, used it, the internal battery died within warranty, they sent it back, company replaced battery and had to mark it as refurb.

This is powerfull enought to run both a tape player and a nipple ring heater.


Sweet, in for 1! Just had to join triple A because none of my neightbors were around when my battery died on my car IN MY DRIVEWAY! Argh

I have this exact model. Stayed charged enough to start a car for almost 18 months. Charged back up in an afternoon with the A/C charger. I have also used the compressor for extended periods of time. No problems. Highly recommend!!

I think you may want to have your alternator checked…

This rocks! I would not have known this was even out there if it was not for tonights woot!!! I just called a few of my broke friends who need this!!! woohoo woot!!!

This looks like a decent item that could help me out of a tight spot. Too bad it’s a refurb though…

got my vote as a worst woot, gotta agree that refurbished is scary on this item. What happened to having a woot off more often?

Dag nabit!!! I want one of these for my wife, bad. If it just had the standard warranty I’d w00t one for my wife, one for my daughter and one for myself. But 90 day warranty says “We fixed this as crappily as we could”. I’ll look elsewhere even if I have to pay more… unless this gets rew00ted with the warranty problem fixed.

you might also wanna check your starter

is this a battery? a tire filler? what the crap?

I’ll stick with my current backup system: my second car that sits in the parking lot most of the time, a 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis. Burns too much gas but I can leave it for months and go turn the key it fires right up, so if my daily driver doesn’t want to start I just drive the old Merc.