Vector Mobile Game Power System with 7” LCD Screen



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Vector VEC401 Mobile Game Power System
condition: New

$29.99 + $5 shipping


will this work with a ps2?


Adiou Video In and Audio Video Out(for viewing on a remote monitor

Which woot! staff member is drinking and posting ?


Unless you’ve got some crazy ps2 that doesn’t have AV outputs, then I would assume that’s a yes.

Read the description before posting!!


Wait. It took me ten minutes to figure this out. So this is a 7" LCD screen that plugs into a cigarette lighter. It has a 110vac plug that you would plug you game system’s power plug into. Then you would connect the audio out and video out connections from your game system into this unit, so you can watch the video on its LCD screen? Neat.

EDIT: So you can buy this at Amazon for $269.99?


$269.99 at Amazon??? That would make this a pretty good deal.


What’s the definition of ‘high definition’?


So where do you plug your ps2 into in the car?


any clue about the resolution (or other specs) on the LCD screen? For $30 bucks I can’t expect much, but you never know…


THAT is a great question.


It has a built-in power inverter. That’s the feature of this thing. Otherwise, its just a portable DVD player without a DVD player, since most portable DVD players have AV in.


You can plug the PS2 into the built-in AC inverter. Would work for a DVD player as well. Or even a VCR, so you could have a tuner to get over the air channels.


I believe it powers your ps2, as well.


I see someone was right… Wait Liammc.


Def not worth $270, something is wrong on that site.


Froogle Shows $60. Still a good deal for this, if you’re into this sort of thing. Personally, since this requires a car cigarette lighter, I’d never use it.

Note that this isn’t necessarily a ‘Game Power System’. That’s just how they market it. You could hook a DVD player up to this and use this as the TV.


another cigaret lighter, or it probably comes with a standard plug and you could use a dual port out inverter.
i alrealdy have a dvd player that does this, so ill pass.
but is there anything to keep say a dvd player from working with this? and why the hell is the bottom part so big?
edit- whoops, i guess it has a battery. also provides power to console.
mah bad.
still, many dvd players do pretty much the same thing.


This thing is a sreen with a power inverter.
So you drag along you game cube, plug it in to the monitor power plug, hook up all your cables and you’re good to go.


You can get a power inverter at radio shack pretty cheap. Plug into a cigarette lighter and presto, 2 ac outlets. Course, then you’d have to use the regular ac adaptor instead of the vehicle adapter.