Vector Partially Melted Desk Caddy

pricing for future reference
product(s): 1 Vector VEC302MG 12-Volt Desk Caddy
condition: New, slightly irregular
$7.99 + $5 shipping

lol…slightly irregular

what does this do again???

Uh… what exactly is it?

so what exactly does this do? YuGSTER demo here.


What does this do?
Psh, I’m getting one.

uhh… slightly irregular sizes now available…

well now I have seen everything, is this a fire sale? selling stuff that has been in a fire? what next, selling off crispy critters? slightly melted? come on woot, get a life, stop with the refurbished and now this crap.

It was worth staying up just for the laugh. Thanks, Woot.

Wow, I never thought Woot actually had the balls to sell a MELTED item. That has to be way worse than a re-furbie.

HAHAHA, that’s friggin hilarious! Still, I’m against doing anything in a car but driving with the music on…

So, does this only plug in to cars?

i guess it’s not that bad a price for something that has two converters. and that cup holder is to die for.

Who really has all the trunk space for all these vector things.

Warranty: One Year
In the box:
Warranty Card

Oh What the woot. I’ll grab three and test drive em’ out.

You see a problem, I see opportunity.

This has a 12-120v AC converter in it.
I’m thinking that I can rip this thing apart and mount the components in my car permanently. Nothing cooler than a 120v receptacle on your dashboard.

I can prolly use the LED gooseneck too.

Does the warranty cover melting?

656 views so far. interesting to see how many views when the day is through. only good thing is the ac converter.