Vector Power Inverter Bundle


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Vector Power Inverter Bundle
More power on the go
$19.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Imagine you’re, like, camping. And your iPod runs out of juice. And now instead of jamming to the soundtrack of TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE, you have to listen to babbling brooks, chirping crickets, and the sickening, wet sounds of bears noisily evacuating their bowels. (What, you think they don’t? In the woods?)

It’s a nightmarish scenario that need never come true, as long as you’re prepared with this dynamic duo of Vector power inverters. Even in the remotest hinterlands of the savage Red States, they’ll keep your portable gizmos charged up to the limit like MC Hammer’s credit cards! Take your blender on road trips, and have smoothies without even pulling over! Worried about the sweaty creep over at the next campsite? Fire up the laptop and check the sex offender registry from the comfort of your Pinto. On your way to a meeting and you notice an unflattering clump of protruding nose hair? Your power inverter and an electric nose-hair trimmer (not included) will tame that particular beast. The power of electricity will do your bidding! You could join the Sinister Six! Maybe people will start calling you “Juice Newton!” It’ll be great! Just great.

Woot’s bundling two models—VEC034 and VEC041 -– to provide precious, life-giving current to your AC-powered gizmos, from laptop computers to televisions to waffle irons. Just plug the inverter into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter and you’ve enslaved the elemental power of electricity. Yo, Ben Franklin, how you like me now?

Note: There will be a slight shipping delay as woot bundles these for shipment. You should expect these to ship Friday or Monday.

Vector VEC041 95 watt Power Inverter: Converts your vehicle’s 12V DC power to 110/120 AC household power

110/120 AC outlet with fashionable two-prong design

Power output: 95W continuous power (190W peak)

Rotating power plug adjusts to 45 degrees (7 degrees Celsius)

Compact and portable

Stays crunchy in milk

High-surge capacity

High Serge Gainsbourg tolerance

Low-power consumption for long battery life

Low-battery shutdown prevents total battery drain

Recharges cell phones and lap-top batteries

Plugs into any 12V outlet

10 amp fused

Powers up to .9 amps

Condition: New, retail

Vector Maxx SST VEC034 225 watt Power Inverter:

Converts 12-volt DC current to 110/120 volt AC household power

Handles up to 225W continuous power (450W peak)

Soft-start technology (SST) safely and slowly ramps up the output voltage to start difficult motorized loads, protects sensitive appliance circuits, prevents brain-killing wave emissions

Seriously, does a bear start difficult loads in the woods?

Automatic reset restarts unit automatically if inverter shuts down from over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, or over-temperature, or underpay

Unique heat-sink, ducted airflow and high-efficiency fan motor to cool components and extend product life

Noise-free technology uses filtered modified sine wave, virtually eliminates electronic noise and improves performance

Broadcasts repeated loop of “Oops! I Did It Again” into space to ward off alien invasions

Single AC outlet

Short circuit and fault protection with power and fault indicators

12-volt DC power cord for lower wattage use

Maximum efficiency: 90%

No-load current draw: .43 amps

Input voltage range: 10.5-15.5 VDC

Under-voltage shutdown: 10 volts

Low-voltage alarm activation: 10.6 volts

Internal fuse: 30 amp (spade type)

Zero carbs or trans fats

Condition: New, retail


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For those who want to know what this is, I will tell you…

This hooks into your car adapter and you can hook up your house hold items like your cell phone charger, your alarm clock, items that are corded and not really big. Dont expect it to power a TV, but the price is a lot cheaper than bestbuy.

I give it 3.5 out of 4 woots if you need it!!!


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