Vector Smart 12-Volt Battery Charger



Some Fully Charged pricing…

SecretPrices … $28.31 (model VEC1086B)

Froogle … $27.05 (model VEC1086A)
Froogle … $28.31 (model VEC1086B)

NexTag … $28.31 (model VEC1086B)

Some other Vector battery charger models.


froogle price: $27.05


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Vector Smart 12-Volt Battery Charger
$12.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Vector Smart 12-Volt Battery Charger - VEC1086A


anyone for more refurbished vector automotive accesories? I think I’ll pass after the jump starter problems


maybe if it was brand new I would purchase one


Uhhh, I kinda think NOT after buying TWO and refunding ONE of the past 12V battery charger thingys…
and still refurbed. (Bad Battery, Bad!)
no thanks.


Fech! W00t for people dumb enough not to have hand-cranks to start their cars!

Model-T rules!


Figure it out gang, there’s a REASON someone returned this carp.


i am not cool with relying on a refurb when it is an emergency…

no more refurbs!!!


Anyone have any clue how many amp-hours the battery is? These things make great backup chargers for outdoor events.


haha, is this for jump starting your car after you used the ac car adapters too long?


Is this a considered power tool? I’m not allowed to use power tools.


Could make a light duty welder . . .


A trickle charger ?


I haven’t bought anything Vector from you guys because I read all the complaints about that one, actually. What happened with it, anyway? Sounded like a horrendous number of bad units were shipped. Anyone care to explain for those of us who didn’t follow closely? What can you say to reassure us that this time a refurb Vector product will be good?


Great…now you put this up for sale. Just spent 4x as much at walmart for a schumacher 10A charger…good night.


Own this, paid $20 new at Wal-Mart. Works ok as long as the battery isnt too far drained. If the battery is just shy of starting the vehicle or lawn tractor this will probably work. I’d rather have paid a little more to get somthing with more power.


stupid question…if in general you are stuck somewhere, wouldn’t it be likely that you’re nowhere near an electrical outlet to plug this in? :oP


At first I thought this was the one with the foot powered charder i just saw on engadget or gizmodo this week. if it were, i would have bought 3! This is the same thing i can get at any grocery store near my home, and ive never bought one of them.