Vegetable containers

The dishes I ordered their four containers Clear with green basket inside I would’ve liked some information on them in the box the paper in the box did not really tell you anything I would like to know what vegetables need Slider opened and what vegetable needs the Slider closed

Perhaps reply to the discussion thread of the product you bought.

I can’t today. I can’t.

We need instructions on how to store vegetables now? It’s like nobody has the internet.

Was it these?

Because I don’t think they come with a list. You just leave it open unless your produce stinks. Probably.

If they are, here’s some q&a from people on the internet.

Amazon Basics Set of 3 Produce Food Saving Containers, BPA Free Plastic - 2 Large (4.3 Qt), 1 Medium (1.9 Qt)

Yes, I think they mean containers like @pepper114 linked, or this:

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@Wooter45384890 -

It was hard to find the info on the Instructions sheet, because it’s just a tiny one line (look for the lightbulb :bulb: symbol)

Slide the vent open for fruit because they don’t like humidity. Keep the vent closed for vegetables because they like to be in high humidity so they don’t lose moisture.

No matter what type of produce, vents should stay open if it’s been cut.

And you didn’t ask, but since others complained about ruining their containers… beware that these are NOT dishwasher safe - handwash only.

I’m not moving it. We don’t know if it’s the right item.