Veggie Go's Fruit and Veggie- 60 Strips

Veggie Go's Fruit and Veggie- 60 Strips

On their website, they have a ‘free’ sample of three packs for 1.99$ shipping, but I can’t find nutrition information anywhere, here or there.

Has nutritional info on similar items by same maker.

Those natural sugars will get you every time.


If you look at each flavor individually (instead of the 3 pack) and scroll down a bit, they have the nutritional label and an arrow to click that will also show you the ingredients…

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‘At’s a lotta sugar!

It’s dried & concentrated fruit (and veg)… isn’t that pretty much what’s expected?
There is no “added” sugar at all, in the ingredients.


Yes, but for a keto diet, fiber offsets sugar. I was hoping they’d have sufficient fiber to make them ok for me. Ah well.

@vmforrest and @Wooter772326458, thanks.

Any way to verify the expiration date for these?