Veggiecopia Green Olive, 24-Pack

Veggiecopia Green Olive, 24-Pack

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15 cents per olive.

Wouldn’t they be about 7¢ per olive?

24 Packs
10 Olives per pack
240 Olives

$16.99 ÷ 240 = $0.07079167


Any info on ‘best by date’?

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Found it!
8/24/21 – which is about a month to eat them all


Yeesh. Only worth it if you want to eat them everyday.

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Good in homemade tamales.
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That’s only a best by date. Those are always off by months on products like canned goods and pre-packaged processed products. Best to check them first before taking a handful and tossing them in your mouth though.

Besides depending on the size of the olives I’d easily go through a couple packages at a time.


I wish they had castelvetrano. Those are my favorite and so hard to find good ones any more. The ones that rae marketed with that designation all seem to lack the vibrant color and wonderful flavor that castelvetranos are known for.

These are some mighty good-tasting olives!!

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Amen to that. I guess it’s back to the olive bar. And the castelvetranos in a jar never seem as good… Not sure if it’s the brine they use or?

I ordered these and estimated delivery is August 17. Are these shipped within the US?

Also, Veggicopia’s website sells the 24 Pack for $29.99 (not $26.99 as listed on Woot).

Hi, yes they are shipped within the US.

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Sounded good until I read Amazon reviews.

These are Conservolia variety olives.

Yes, yes they are.