VeggieGrow Garden in a Bag - Pick Color

VeggieGrow Garden in a Bag - Pick Color

3 pack of these are available for $12.99 for 7 gallon size and Amazon prime shipping and return privileges. $15.99 for 3 pack of 10 gallon grow bags.


Putting a link in or even the listing title would have been helpful…
So we all should just search for “$12.99 for 7 gallon” or ?

Ask and you shall receive. Next time you better say please! Amazon’s mobile app doesn’t make it easy to copy links, but I copied the link from a browser page.

Also, a search on Amazon for “Vegetable Garden Bag” works pretty well. Like so many items, there are numerous similar looking products with unfamiliar brand names.

Check out the “You might also like” and “Compare with similar items” sections to see many other options.

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Can get these direct from China for about a dollar a piece. Probably be better quality than whatever Woot sends ya too… just basing that off of my last 3 or 4 Woot orders.

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Those grow bags look like those are made of a more plasticy material than these though. Nevertheless, CHHQ also sells grow bags on amazon, 5 10 gallon bags for $12.99 and a $3 one time coupon.

If you want 5 or 7 gallon bags you can also get a six pack of these LDHTY bags which come with two black, two grey and two green for color coding for $7.53 and $8.99 respectiively:

In some cases you only get what you pay for, but those bags have at least a few reviews which are overall positive with no specified complaints, whereas this bag is completely unreviewed.

It’d be nice to know what, if anything, justifies the much higher price of this single bag which sells for more than 12 of the 5 gallon LDTHY ones.