Veho Muvi Drone w/Built-in 1080p Camera

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Veho Muvi Drone w/Built-in 1080p Camera
Price: $499.99
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Condition: New


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About Veho

This is made by AEE, AEE makes the AEE AP 10, Aries Blackbird x10 and H Tech Q Cop 450. All of these are the same only the names are different and the color and stickers are different.

Forgot to mention, The reason I am so familiar with this drone, I sell all 4, In fact I sold one AEE Ap 10 an hour ago

Would you recommend them?

Yes, If they were not good I would not sell them. They are very fast with a 16MP partly enclosed camera Range is over a half mile, AEE also makes the police drones
Also AEE main line is Photo so the pictures are great. There have been issues were the GPS was lost due to not calibrating correctly. as long as you Calibrate the compass and get about 9 satellites you should not have any issues.

Cool! I’m checking with my Electronics team to see if we can confirm the manufacturer for you.

Hope you have a good night!

Big Frank is this a solid price?

@bigfrank Would you recommend this over a comparably priced DJI?
The DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera is the same price over at the mothership.

Out of the 4 this looks the best, It also costs more than the others. If you do not care about the looks, The cheapest is the Blackbird x 10. New it sells for about $100 less

Standard Camera is 14 MP but the quality is excellent, Distance is not the best, This one is faster and can go further. Both will get you 20 minutes flight time. Gimbal on the DJI can go side to side, This one can not but it can go fully down 180 degrees. DJI is fairly easy to fly but there are issues with DJI like the gimbal is fragile and there firmware does keep the drone with in the law.

Vendor confirms:
This is an AEE drone.

Gee I must know about what I sell. That is rare for a seller to know what they sell. Maybe it will be worth a valued post or two

Can you please do me a favor, Get rid of that dam bug. I almost broke my LED screen from trying to swat it last night because my eye site sucks

Had two of the Blackbird version of this. Had to return both due to gyro failure. Went out of control flipped over and high speed crashed into the ground. TWICE!

Different quad, but much better value.

Hey BigFrank,

Thanks for chiming in on this. I’m still holding out for the Phantom 3 Pro, but it’s nice to hear from someone who know of which they speak.

One of my favorite Quads after the Yuneec 4k, Very easy to fly, I believe I may have a few up on Amazon or had. I know I have a one up with the DX controler and a BNF unit.

I have sold maybe 20 pros, Not my favorite Company. I have more Issues with DJI. There gimbals break to easy and when you need to update it is not fun trying to explain it to a customer. I will say that DJI has great photos, When they are working without issues they are great but I rather have my Yuneec 4 k or Chroma 4k with my done up remote I can get 8 000 feet away.

I have heard this happen more than once but usually the operator did something wrong. I have sold a ton of blackbirds and I have only had 1 come back for this issue. I would not have believed it but it came right back at me. I could not adjust the trim to repair it. It was a new unit so I was not expecting it