Veho Muvi K2 1080p Handsfree Wi-Fi Camera

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When I bought my Pyle of crap action camera, it did just what I needed… for a few months. The build quality was so poor that the tripod mount wore out. After that the internal battery lost its capacity. It’s useless now.

So, without finding any reviews about this product, I find it hard to trust a spec sheet. Is the mount plastic, or a metal insert like it should be? Can I get extra batteries?

Hypothetically… If you had a hotspot with you could you stream the video onto a website like youtube, or twitch?

Based on what I read it looks like to use the wifi from a phone you have to have the phone join the wifi network of the camera and then there’s an app on the phone that has the control, can preview and download. I’m pretty sure it would be impossible to stream to a site without periodic manual intervention. The camera does generate a new file every 10 minutes so you probably could post it every 10 minutes using the phone.

So, what I would be doing is Using the Phone as the “Router.” I would then have a Laptop nearby connected to the same network to control the stream settings, and have the camera connected to the same network… I know it sounds confusing, but this would be an interesting concept if this worked, I just need to know how well the app works I guess.

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