Velbon Elcarma Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod

How many of this now woot gods? 1?


wow, this one froogles at ~$300

Wow… Amazon price is ~$300… Grrr…

Must. Fight. Urge. To. Buy.

Bloody hell I needed this!!! Why so early in the morning - grrrh!!! How much was it selling for?

Agreed. I needed one too!!!

How much was this?

Given that the order pace was 18.148 seconds per order, and there were 15 sold, we find that it took 272.22 seconds to sell out.

Also given that the woot earned 19,836.39 per hour, and there are 3600 seconds in one hour, we find that the woot earned $5.51010833 per second.

Multiply that times the 272.22 seconds the sale was active for, and we come to a total sale revenue of $1499.9616905.

Divide that by 15 units sold and we get a per unit price of $99.997446033, safe to say the additional decimal points are due to trunkation of the original sales and time figures, so a safe bet would be that they were $99.99 each.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

dang thats hardcore woot calculation right here. nice.


I’m impressed, too, but there is an easier way.

found a review that covers the 540 and compares to the 640 and other tripods!

Can’t wait for it to arrive I just got my carbon fiber Velbon neo-pod 6 monopod and it is very nice.

Anyone get theirs yet? Mine comes tomorrow. I really wish I purchased 3, at the last second I selected one… I was scared the price was about to drop all over the internet due to some large promo or something. oh well.