Velbon Neopod Carbon Fiber Monopod

$97.99 and awesome reviews over at amazon

$129 at AMAZON. Good deal woot!

how would this be for my Xacti that I bought on Woot a few days ago??

Is it just me, or are they spoofing the Monorail song from an old Simpsons episode in the description?

Still confused on what monopods do. Are they glorified walking sticks? Someone please explain!

I have a Velbon Tripod and monopod. Both are great quality items and have been very faithful in their use! Do not be afraid to buy the velbon name brand.

Ummm what does this do?

Answer: Monopod - Wikipedia

A monopod is what you use when you want to turn yourself into a tripod. That’s quite seriously the premise.

When you need your camera to stand on its own, you get a tripod. When you need something that’s quick to set up and very effective at helping you keep your camera steady enough for the shot (or film) while you’re still with the camera, you get a monopod.

That’s it.

edit: Thanks, CerPrime. I’ll stick to leaving this up anyway for people who want a more conceptual explanation, but that wiki link should do.

They can be used as walking sticks. Their main use however is to stabilize cameras without a use of a tripod. You mount your camera to the top of the mono-pod so you can maneuver easier and take stable shots.

Monopods are for circumstances in which you can’t use a tripod with your camera.

This is a great deal (and a great change from Woot’s ongoing stream of self-destructing tripods). Tempted to get one for each gadget bag, but I’ll settle for one.

these are “quick tripods” so when you need to run around but don’t want to set up a tripod but still want still pictures this is perfect i suppose you could use this for a camcorder as well since it will stabilize your shots

Its basically a one-legged tripod for your camera

Adorama has it at $84.95 on its own site.

I just got my 1st DSLR a few months ago would this be a better option then a tripod? I would mainly be using it for portraits.

I feel stupid but wouldn’t it fall over?

Except woot is selling the Neopod 6, your link is for the neopod 7. Wrong product.

This is a camera monopod - it can be used to stabilize larger (SLR/DSLR) cameras when taking pictures without flash, or at long zooms.

While they won’t stay up by themselves like a tripod, they are light and do the job without taking up nearly as much space.

Highly recommended piece of photography gear.

Wish I had some cash kicking around.

I used to work in an elementary school, and I’d photograph school events. A monopod was perfect for that. It stabilized the camera, but I didn’t have a tripod sticking out for kids to trip over. I’d plant one foot forward, one back, and the tripod right next to the forward foot. Kids could go streaming around me and never disrupt the shot or knock the camera over.

It’s good any time you want something more stable than handheld, but don’t want or need a tripod.