Velix Daily Grind 30 Laptop Backpack, Men's Medium, Orange (102557)

So yeah, I’m clicking on this page again the morning after it posted, and there’s still this $309 backpack here. Hmm. $309 + $31 tax + $5 s/h = $345. It’s a nice backpack. I have a couple of laptops. Presumably I could be the target audience for this. But $345. Really? REALLY?

I don’t care how good it is. For that money, there are a dozen laptops also on woot, including a QHD+ Chromebook. Just buy another laptop and stash it at the destination.

About the only portable electronic device I could see spending nearly 350 bucks for its case is the one used to carry around the president’s nuclear football. If it’s that delicate and valuable get a freaking Pelican so it’s actually protected. This looks like the perfect match for the 300 dollar smart water bottles they are trying to sell.

Here it is on Amazon so the price seems to be correct.

So says the Woot (Amazon) staff member. Also note there are no reviews. Smells fishy to me.

Funny, I was just lamenting about the decline of Woot the other day. I have been a Woot customer since the early 2000s. Much has changed since then.

I used to get up at midnight to check the item of the day. There used to be a lot of really cool, really limited, and really good deals. I operate a small business and I would spend THOUSANDS on what I call “Woot Loot” which I would then use as prizes for my employees.

Those days are gone. Today we see items like this one – a deal that is so bad it leaves me incredulous. Woot used to mean a great deal; this Woot seems to be almost anti-Woot in that it is deal that is so bad that it is noteworthy for how bad it is.

I am very sad to say that Woot, as I knew and loved it, is dead.

nicer and half the price with added protection


The large is $324.95 on the mothership. With more liberal returns. No deal here, IMHO.

The women’s version is $85 on Amazon.

If I was going to spend this much on a laptop bag I’d get something like this that has an internal battery for electronic charging:

This is a Flash Deal. These are items pulled from Amazon’s overstock or aged inventory and offered at a discount.

I’d say that if you’re not in the market for a $300 backpack, then don’t buy it. :tongue:

I’m not going to blame Woot or Amazon too much on this, though I will say the discount quote is interesting. Even the manufacturer is selling it for a little less than this, so I fail to see the discount.

Will all due respect, and this isn’t a personal attack, and in this instance only, I’m calling bologna.

If this is pulled from Amazon’s old stock and being offered at a “discount”, why isn’t it being offered at a discount?

Amazon is selling it for $293 with FREE Prime shipping. That means buying it from Woot will cost you $22 more (not including taxes, too lazy to do that math).

Not saying all Woot deals stink, but it’s pretty hard to defend this one.

Have a laborless Labor Day!

Really. This post is from staff? When did it become OK for “staff” to re rude to their customers?

nothing rude there…just stating the facts

Simply put if not for you, don’t purchase it.

Rude? Meh. Sassy perhaps, but “rude” is protesting too much.

And why the quotes around staff? He/she IS a staff member. Are you implying he/she is not actually an employee of Woot?

“You keep using that [punctuation]. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Of all the points I made in my post, that is how you choose to respond? Interesting.

The reality is I may be in the market for a $300 backpack if I were offered one. But this is not a $300 backpack. And based on my other points and observations from others there is nothing that leads me to any other conclusion.

Your childish dig at me doesn’t change anything I said. Your comments actually add to my position.

Pffffft, not a childish response at all. Just my position in regards to your position.

But since some are really having a problem with this item, we’ll end the sale.


The $300 back pack is now a $100 back pack.

Funny how that happens. Guess ol’ supply and demand took over.


In the interest of transparency, here’s how Flash Deals works. Amazon marks some inventory as something they want to get rid of because they need the space or whatever. Some of it they say “Hey Wooty systems, mayhaps your customers might like this?”. We wrote this automatey thing that looks at the reviews, looks at what our customers usually like, and the Amazon price. Amazon has a “liquidation target” they want to hit for this to recoup some of the cost of the thing. We look at the price, their target, and try and price at a compelling place based on that info. Sometimes it works, sometimes notsomuch. In this case, the price Amazon had on it based on their magical systems was probably optimistic. When they dropped their prices, our little Wooty systems looked and said “oooh, our price sucks” so it dropped it too. This system is pretty new and actually a little dumb right now, so items like this help me make hopefully smarter decisions to do buzzwordy stuff like data mining and machine learning to work out how to price better and what data to look at to make sure we are only ever showing y’all good deals.

As for the “Woot is dead, your deals suck stuff”, we just found a post from 2005 where someone said our deals suck:

Sooooo… haters gonna hate? But we love you all anyway and will just keep on trying to find stuff that at least some of you will like, and the rest can say we suck and aren’t like we were before. For you, here is a song from my homeland about the same phenomenon with bands: