Vella Cheese and Molinari & Sons Italian Dry Salame

Vella Cheese and Molinari & Sons Italian Dry Salame
$24.99 + $5 shipping
1 Mezzo Secco Cheese - 8 oz.
1 Dry Monterey Jack Cheese - 8 oz.
2 Molinari & Sons Italian Dry Salame - 13 oz.

Vella Cheese
Molinari Salame

Only Woot would be so classy as to try and sell fine cheese with a fart joke.

I mean, just take a look at the picture. IT’S NOT CUT.

Unfortunately, I still have some salami from the last time W.W offered it… I fear it may no longer be edible.

We had Vella dried Jack cheese when we were in Sonoma a few years back. That is some good cheese. Nothing like the “undried” Jack at all. We’re in for one just for that reason. The salami is a bonus!

This one is WAY TWO EASY…

in for TWO…

Hey woot, is that a salame on your website or are you just happy to see me?

This is great for the person in your life that you want to say “Well, I like you too much to give you Hickory Farms for Christmas, but not so much that I want to bother coming up with a meaningful gift for you”.

I still have one and a half of the Creminelli salamis from back in May in the fridge. I think SWMBO would kill me if I bought more.

What’s the best way to store these things? Would the cheese be fine in room temp if kept in their vacuum sealed package? Should I freeze after opening?

Here is the ditty on the Dry Monty

This should come in time for the holidays, I went in for one just to get something different.

Question: lets see who knows the answer to this Question?

Hey who cut the Cheese?

Here is some storage tips for Dry Salami and Hard Cheese

Vella cheese is the best, bar none. I’m Sonoma County born and bred, and I had a job when I was 19 driving for a gourmet food distributor. Mr. Vella gave me big ol’ half wheels of dry jack on occasion. Oh man, is it tasty. If you don’t know Vella, you don’t know jack.

has anyone had this brand, and if so, any good?

Does anyone know how long the salame can be hung and further aged? Days? Weeks? . . .Months? Or, is it an eat it now thingy?

Mmm, thingy. . .

The Pesto Jack is quite delightful as well.

Here is the scoop on the Mezzo Secco and what that actually means…

Molinari & Sons make some amazing Salami, I usually get one from my Italian grandparents for Christmas and my b-day, one of the best gifts.