Vella Cheese Co. Dry Jack Cheese



Vella Cheese Mezzo Secco Dry Jack Cheese 2lb Wedge
$24.99 (Normally $33.00) 24% off List Price
(1) Vella Cheese Mezzo Secco Dry Jack Cheese, 2 lbs.


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What? No wine with this cheese?


Just the human whines.


Are the cheese people reading this tonight?

I’m leaving town next Thursday for over two weeks. I’m in for three if I will receive it by Wednesday at the latest (Kentucky), but I can’t buy it otherwise. Unless you promise to defer shipment until mid-December.


Let me rave about this, if I may: I first picked up the dry jack during a Woot-off & I’ve bought it each time I’ve seen it since on Woot. It’s that good. In fact, I had just a few shavings of this with coffee & bread this morning & thought to myself, this stuff is almost gone, poop.

Now I take back the poop.

A really nice cheese.


When will Woot start selling some Gruyere cheeeeeese. =/


Regular price:
2.5 lb. Quarter Wheel Mezzo Secco $33.00

$13.20 per pound

WOOT! Price:
2 lbs Wheel Mezzo Secco $24.99

$12.50 Per Pound

The WOOT! price is still lower but only by 5.3% not the posted 25%

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This is excellent cheese, and you can do a lot of different things with it. It’s great in soups, loved it on homemade wheat bread toasted cheese!


C’mon woot, I love these pairing wine.woots, but you have to do better than I could do if I had a coupon at the local Wal-Mart.


Wal Mart doesn’t sell cheese this good.
Don’t confuse this with the bricks of disgusting jack cheese made in some factory. This is real stuff made by actual people from ingredients that sound like… food.
Oh, and I’m not from the Vella cheese company, we just happen to have the same last name.


The shipping from the Vella Cheese site starts at $15.26 (at least for delivery to my zip code on the east coast) for UPS Ground. That brings the entire package price to a considerably higher total. It is my understanding that woot calculates the pricing stats based on cost of product plus shipping.


I am sorry, this doesn’t have anything to do with the cheese but I am trying really hard to see if “The Olives” are going to be offered anytime soon or at least before
Christmas?? Anyone from
Woot…can you answer this?

Thank you!


No they calculate it using the MSRP only (do the math). But you are correct that with shipping it becomes a much better deal


Hi Woot! Guess what I’m going to ask! If you guessed “Is it vegetarian?”, you got it!


How long will this cheese last?
Can it be frozen?
Is it shipped cold?


Also, could people comment on the flavor of this cheese? I see from one of the previous sales that the cheesemaker says it tastes vaguely like Parmesan, but then someone later said that it tasted like Swiss. Those are 2 very different tastes to me! (I love Parmesan, despise Swiss “cheese”) Would very much like to hear other opinions to help me figure out whether I would enjoy this.


It is not nearly as salty and pungent as Parmesan. It is hard like Parmesan. Flavor more akin to a manchego or Iberico, perhaps a bit more flavor than those.


Would this be good for raclette?


Website says no animal rennet, so you’re probably ok.