Vella Cheese Co. Dry Monterey Jack Cheese 2Lb Wedge

Look! Olive oil!

Vella Cheese Co. Dry Monterey Jack Cheese 2Lb Wedge
$19.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Vella Dry Monterey Jack Cheese, approximately 2 pounds


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Wonder if this will be in before Xmas? I have to catch the red-eye on the 24th and wouldn’t mind bringing this back for the family.

$46 including shipping on the website, so ~45% off. I don’t know this cheese but local artisan cheeses tend to sell for $16-$20/lb; if it’s as tasty as it sounds on the website it’s a good deal.

According to all the folks who were upset that it wasn’t this cheese when it was the olive oil, its supposed to be pretty darn good. I’m in for one based on all the comments last night.

yes it will be delivered well before 24th.

The lack of wine this week is certainly helping my storage issues and bank account.

$10/pound for cheese this good is rather good value.

Got any Wensleydale?

Awesome! In for a wedge.

There was a four pack a couple months back from Vella that was really good. I still have a little of Garlic Jack left. I know this style of cheese is a little different, but so far I give the Vella brand two thumbs up.

I am eating some of that right now. I’m in for two on this hard cheese.

This has been one of my absolute favorite cheeses for almost 40 years. It is a great match with a wide variety of wines and beers. We get ours at the source, where they cut it to order.

This is awesome cheese–years ago, we used to bring it back from wine country. Can’t buy it here, so I’m in for 3! Now if we could just please get some more Point Reyes Farmhouse!

Oh yes, I bougth it last Christmas becausse of Peter’s recommendation and wasn’t disappointed! Sadly, one of my pieces was stolen from my car (along with the radio) in South London.

Perhaps Cheddar

Two gifts down today - that hopefully I will be able to share!

Can i get impressions on the flavor?

i want the beehive back. That was solid stuff. I can get it locally @ Whole Foods, but still.

Huzzah! Because my grandpa doesn’t take kindly to rain checks on gifts…=)

I got a Dean & DeLuca catalog the other day that had a basket with Beehive for some absurd price. I still have some from the last time it was on woot. Good stuff.